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Missions for EVO Minecraft MOOC 2022

Update from 2021 to 2022 is in progress. Please be patient through the first week of August

Who are we?


Many of our participants are teachers, particularly language teachers, but some enjoy online gaming as a way of improving their English as a second language. Some of us are young, some of us are not so young, but all of us are young at heart :-) 


EVO stands for Electronic Village Online. A MOOC is a Massively Open Online Course. In this MOOC we explore the multi-player game Minecraft as a virtual world for learning. 


See our promotional video from 2021 here: https://youtu.be/JUF2-loSL0E


The video begins with a flight over our spawn point from evomc21; thanks to Rose Bard


Please use our tag: #evomc22


Our Moderators


With thanks and gratitude to our

EVOMC22 Moderators so far are:

Aaron Schwartz (our EVO Minecraft server administrator), Heike Philp, Jane Chien and Mattie Tsai, Jeff Kuhn, Vance and Bobbi Stevens;

Olivetree Grove  manages our Discord server and assists with our Minecraft server.

and with substantial support and assistance from emeritus moderators Dakotah Redstone, and Mircea Patrascu 



What are your first steps to join us in Minecraft?



Learn how we communicate with each other


  • Join us on Facebook 
  • Speak to us using Discord
  • Connect to our Live events in 2022 when announced 
  • For additional help, join our Groups.io 


Plan your goals (missions) in EVOMC 2022

The links point at the moment to our 2021 pages; the dates are for 2022



What's with the orient, declare, network, cluster, focus ???




Refer here for links in the EVOMC22 session,  or see the sidebar --->




This trailer derives from a presentation made by 

Vance Stevens and Jane Chien on EVO Minecraft MOOC in Chicago, March 28, for TESOL 2018 


See more articles, presentations, and blog posts about EVO Minecraft MOOC here: Pedagogy_of_Minecraft  


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