Missions for EVO Minecraft MOOC 2022

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Who are we?


Many of our participants are teachers, particularly language teachers, but some enjoy online gaming as a way of improving their English as a second language. Some of us are young, some of us are not so young, but all of us are young at heart :-) 


EVO stands for Electronic Village Online. A MOOC is a Massively Open Online Course. In this MOOC we explore the multi-player game Minecraft as a virtual world for learning. 


See our promotional video from 2021 here:


The video begins with a flight over our spawn point from evomc21; thanks to Rose Bard


Please use our tag: #evomc22


Our EVOMC22 Moderators


Aaron Schwartz


Aaron Schwartz teaches ESL courses as well as public speaking, writing and rhetoric, and computer assisted language learning (CALL) at Ohio University. He's a former chair of TESOL's CALL-IS, where he has been quite active with the Electronic Village. A moderator for Minecraft MOOC since 2016, he competently and graciously runs the EVO Minecraft Server.  

Catrina Marie


Catrina Marie is what the real world calls her, but Mirea Artican is her alias from high school and while gaming nowadays. She goes by many names. They also include 'ate' in Filipino/ Tagalog or older sister in English, 'tagatulong' that means guide or helper, and Meowmaid Storyteller or teacher for people who want to improve their English and Filipino.

Heike Philp

Belgium/ Germany

Heike Philp is CEO of let's talk online sprl, and an immersive education specialist for language teaching and learning. She is co-initiator of EU funded LANCELOT (virtual classroom) and AVALON (virtual world) and the CAMELOT project (machinima for language teachers) and GUINEVERE (games in virtual worlds). She is founder of the Virtual Round Table Conference and co-owns EduNation in Second Life.

Jane Chien and Mattie Tsai 


Jane Chien is an assistant professor of TEFL and has been on the faculty of Children’s English Education, National Taipei University of Education since 2005. Her research interests focus on Minecraft as a medium for English language learning and communication. 

Jeff Kuhn


Jeff Kuhn is one of the original co-moderators and guiding lights of EVO Minecraft MOOC, having hosted our first Minecraft server in 2015. He recently earned his PhD at Ohio University where he is researching games and learning. An avid Minecraft player, Jeff has worked with teachers on using games in the classroom in the U.S., Peru, Brazil, and Venezuela.

Vance and Bobbi Stevens


Vance Stevens is an EFL teacher now retired in Penang, Malaysia. Founder of Webheads in Action, he has been an EVO coordinator since 2002. He is founder of the podcast series Learning2gether, and On the Internet editor for TESL-EJ where he and co-moderators have co-authored an article on Minecraft and Language Learning.


Bobbi Stevens has taught young learners in Saudi Arabia, Oman, USA & UAE for over 30 years and has adapted to changes of styles and methods of teaching children over the years, especially as pertains to educational technology. She was a co-moderator of the original EVO Minecraft group in 2015 and looks forward to participating again this year. 


Moderator ex-officio: Olivetree Grove  manages our Discord server and assists with our Minecraft server.


Abdelmoneim, Maha

AKA Olivetree





As a learning and development consultant Olivetree has been using games and role playing for training since 1992. As a volunteer she’s been teaching English in real life and Virtual Worlds since 2008.  In 2012 she became an online gamer to experience and experiment with those environments for teaching and learning.


and with thanks for consistent support and assistance from emeritus moderators Dakotah Redstone, and Mircea Patrascu 


Dakotah Redstone



Dakotah's real-world avatar was an Instructional Developer at a state university for 15 years, supporting faculty use of technology in the brick & mortar and online classrooms. His interests run the gamut from A to Z and go back to punched paper tape storage, pencil and paper role playing games, and painting on cave walls by torchlight. A phenomenal builder, Dakotah was a moderator of EVOMC18 and EVOMC19 and a frequent and contributing participant before that. Dak no longer wishes to moderate officially, but he appears consistently in our archives as an honorary, highly skilled, and much appreciated cat herder.


Mircea Patrascu



Mircea Patrascu is an IT professional teaching kids to code during his free time. He loves to play Minecraft, but he also uses it as a learning environment for Scratch and JavaScript. He puts in frequent appearances on our EVOMC MOOC server and blogs the travels there of his intrepid counterpart MP.



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This trailer derives from a presentation made by 

Vance Stevens and Jane Chien on EVO Minecraft MOOC in Chicago, March 28, for TESOL 2018 


See more articles, presentations, and blog posts about EVO Minecraft MOOC here: Pedagogy_of_Minecraft  


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