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You are viewing the archived Missions pages for EVOMC16

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Missions for Week 3 Network

Jan 24-30, 2016



Check here to tick off your missions accomplished for Week 3


Mission 7 Explore networks in Minecraft


What should you be doing?

explore what's in the wider Minecraft network


Possible communities include


How can you do this?


Explore one or more other Minecraft communities and create at least one blog post based on any interaction resulting from this


How can you verify your mission accomplished?

Your post will appear in our TagBoard at https://tagboard.com/evomc16/search or https://tagboard.com/evomc16/253132  



Mission 8 Join us in Minecraft - Last week in Creative Mode


What should you be doing?

Practicing in Minecraft

At some point, we'll be switching the server over to survival. Will you be ready?


How can you do this?

Build something, anything, at our Minecraft server


How can you verify your mission accomplished? 

  • Post a picture of your structure in our Google+ Community and tag it #evomc16, or
  • Tweet a link to your picture and tag it #evomc16, or
  • Post your picture at Instagram and tag it #evomc16


Any of these will cause your post to be aggregated at ourTagBoard - https://tagboard.com/evomc16/search or https://tagboard.com/evomc16/253132


Live events scheduled for Week 3




Summary of Missions for Week 3


Mission 7 Explore networks in Minecraft

Mission 8 Post a link to a picture of something you have built in creative mode


There has been a change of plan. We will start Survival mode in Week 4

Mission 8 above has been altered accordingly




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