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2016_Week5_Focus (redirected from 2016_Week5_ Focus)

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You are viewing the archived Missions pages for EVOMC16

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Missions for Week 5 Focus

Feb 7-13, 2016



Check here to tick off your missions accomplished for Week 5


Last year we awarded a survivor’s badge for achieving 5 of 10 missions according to a spreadsheet where you can track your progress.


There are the following missions for week 5


Missions accomplished - Earn your survivor's badge in Minecraft


What should you be doing?

Staying alive


How can you do this?

Work with others to share shelter

Build into mountainsides so you can tunnel at night and find resources

Learn how to craft chests so you'll have a cache in case of untoward demise


How can you verify your mission accomplished?

You can join our Survivor's Badge spreadsheet with your Google ID and fill in your missions accomplished



More missions - Other badges

Co-moderators in EVOMC16 may make available at least one other badge for you to earn

Stay tuned for more information 


Live events scheduled for Week 5




Summary of Missions for Week 5


Missions accomplished - Earn your survivor's badge in Minecraft

More Missions - Earn at least one other badge in Minecraft

  • And be awarded the EVO Minecraft MOOC Expert award
    Pending creation and implementation of additional badge schemes 



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However it appears that a copy of the old version was retained so there is also a page


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