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You are viewing the archived Missions pages for EVOMC16

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Live Events for EVOMC16

Recorded during EVO Minecraft MOOC Jan-Feb 2016



Here is a timetable of live events for EVO Minecraft MOOC 2016



Session recordings


Sun Jan 10 - EVO opening kick-off webcastathon

hosted by Jeff Lebow, Mbarek Akaddar, Nina Liakos, Jose Antonio, Nellie Deutsch, and Vance Stevens

http://learning2gether.net/2016/01/10/evo-opening-kick-off-webcastathon-hosted-by-jeff-lebow-mbarek-akaddar-nina-liakos-jose-antonio-nellie-deutsch-and-vance-stevens/ ; http://sco.lt/8Tf71F


Tue Jan 12 - Vance Stevens explains Electronic Village Online and Minecraft MOOC: Gamification of TPD at MoodlePalooza





Sun Jan 17 - Jeff Kuhn on Minecraft: An Introduction to What's Possible

This talk keynotes Week 2 of EVO Minecraft MOOC

http://learning2gether.net/2016/01/17/learning2gether-with-jeff-kuhn-on-minecraft-an-introduction-to-whats-possible/ ; http://sco.lt/6OllSb  



Sun Jan 24  - Bron Stuckey and EVO Minecraft MOOC: Projects and challenges – designing and building

http://learning2gether.net/2016/01/24/bron-stuckey-and-evo-minecraft-mooc-projects-and-challenges-designing-and-building/ ; http://sco.lt/7XA2nh



Sun Jan 31 Thorsten Groß's students conduct tour of Ricarda-Huch-Schule for EVO Minecraft MOOC




Sun Jan 31 1200 UTC Meetup in-world at the EVO Minecraft MOOC server


Scroll down in the post above, 


For what we did at this server party


For one thing, we rode on Mircea's Roller Coaster



Wed Feb 3 1400 UTC Learning2gether Episode 315 Vance Stevens presents Minecraft and Techno-CLIL for the CLIL EVO MOOC



Text writeuphttp://advanceducation.blogspot.ae/2016/01/week-3-playing-big-g-game-of-evo.html 

Recording from WizIQ


Sun Feb 7 Learning2gether with EVO Minecraft MOOC and gamification of TPD


Learning2gether with EVO Minecraft MOOC and Gamification of Teacher Professional Development



And the slides shown at this event, improved over the ones from 4 days previously, with working links

(This is the better, more practiced version of the presentation)

WizIQ - https://www.wiziq.com/online-class/3418249-co16-9-1-pm-est  



Sun Feb 7 Beth O'Connell hosts EVOMC16 Server Party at VSTE Minecraft sandbox



Features a tour of Beth O'Connell's VSTE Minecraft


Come join the EVO Minecraft MOOC as we tour the VSTE Minecraft server! The Virginia Society for Technology in Education (http://vste.org) Virtual Environments PLN hosts a vanilla Minecraft server in Creative mode for educators who want to learn how to play.


 TeacherVance made a video, a Camtasia recording of a Minecraft window overlayed onto voice chat in Bb Collaborate, here: https://youtu.be/G97uwcjP3MU



More information on VSTE Minecraft event





Tue Feb 9 2100 UTC - Aaron Schwartz - Installing Plugins for Minecraft and Other Server-Side Geekery






Sat Feb 13 1400 UTC - a visit to Mircea's Magical Minecraft server


A much better blog post with pictures from the tour will be created for this event. Soon hopefully.


Google+ Event Page:



In Minecraft, connect to mp.evomc.tk


All participants who filled in the form for EVOMC16 were whitelisted


For VoIP tool

Blackboard Collaborate (Elluminate) 



If you plan to join us in voice chat, please configure Bb Collaborate beforehand


Transcript from the BbC chat 


- You joined the Main Room. ( 5:58 PM ) -

- Your chat permission has been enabled. ( 5:58 PM ) -

- Linda Gielen [San Antonio] joined the Main Room. ( 6:06 PM ) -

- Linda Gielen [San Antonio] left the Main Room. ( 6:09 PM ) -

- Robert Ogorek [Valladolid] joined the Main Room. ( 6:09 PM ) -

Robert Ogorek [Valladolid]

6:11 PM


am I in?

6:11 PM

Session Leader

6:11 PM

hi robert, we're in skype

- Mircea [Romania] joined the Main Room. ( 6:11 PM ) -

- Linda Gielen [San Antonio] joined the Main Room. ( 6:13 PM ) -

Mircea [Romania]

6:14 PM

hi, everyone

Robert Ogorek [Valladolid]

6:14 PM

Vance I sent you contact request


6:14 PM

I can hear you

6:14 PM

slash what, sorry?

6:15 PM

Mircea [Romania]

6:16 PM

/js casa()

/js casa('mwood')

6:18 PM

/js casa('mpavi')

6:18 PM

Robert Ogorek [Valladolid]

6:19 PM

and how do you choose the size?

shame my mic doesn´t work

6:19 PM

Mircea [Romania]

6:20 PM

/js stairsup()

Session Leader

6:20 PM

can you hear us?

- Rose Bard [] joined the Main Room. ( 6:22 PM ) -

Robert Ogorek [Valladolid]

6:23 PM

where did you learn it?

Mircea [Romania]

6:24 PM

/js tunnel()

/js bridge()

6:24 PM

Robert Ogorek [Valladolid]

6:25 PM


can we have the title of the book please?

6:25 PM

Mircea [Romania]

6:26 PM

/js lampioane()

/jsp warp

6:28 PM

/jsp warp citadel

6:28 PM

/jsp warp pixart

6:31 PM

- You left the Main Room. ( 6:43 PM ) -

- You joined the Main Room. ( 6:43 PM ) -

- Your chat permission has been enabled. ( 6:43 PM ) -

Mircea [Romania]

6:46 PM

/jsp warp frozen

/jsp warp color

6:48 PM

/jsp warp rc

6:50 PM

- Mircea [Romania] left the Main Room. ( 6:52 PM ) -

- Mircea [Romania] joined the Main Room. ( 6:52 PM ) -

- Rose Bard [] left the Main Room. ( 7:00 PM ) -

Mircea [Romania]

7:02 PM


/gamemode 1

7:06 PM

- Mircea [Romania] left the Main Room. ( 7:10 PM ) -

- Lilia Isac [Moldova] joined the Main Room. ( 7:10 PM ) -

Linda Gielen [San Antonio]

7:11 PM


- Lilia Isac [Moldova] left the Main Room. ( 7:12 PM ) -

Linda Gielen [San Antonio]

7:13 PM


Robert Ogorek [Valladolid]

7:13 PM

have you used: http://www.clickwebinar.com 

it´s quite good

7:14 PM

- Rose Bard [] #2 joined the Main Room. ( 7:14 PM ) -

Rose Bard [] #2

7:18 PM

always good to hear you all

Linda Gielen [San Antonio]

7:18 PM

Same here!

Robert Ogorek [Valladolid]

7:18 PM

see you

- Linda Gielen [San Antonio] left the Main Room. ( 7:19 PM ) -

- Rose Bard [] #2 left the Main Room. ( 7:19 PM ) -




Sun Feb 14 1400 UTC EVO 2016 Annual Wrap-up hosted by Jeff Lebow, Teresa Almeida d'Eca, Vance Stevens, Nina Liakos, and Mbarek Akaddar




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