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You are viewing the archived Missions pages for EVOMC17

To reach the Sidebar for the current version of this EVO sessionclick here


Missions for Week 1 Orient

Jan 8-14, 2017



Check here to tick off your missions accomplished for Weeks 1 and 2



Here are your missions for weeks 1 and 2


Mission 1 - Introduce yourself on our Google+ Community



We'd like to get to know each other.


What should you be doing?

Join our Google+ Community and introduce yourself there

Save the link to your introduction


How can you do this?

Join at https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/112993649763396826671

Create a post there to tell us who you are and what brings you to Minecraft 

Here’s how to save the link: http://screencast.com/t/6YLsvyWEB


How can you verify this mission accomplished?

The link to your post will appear in Mission 3


Mission 2 - Install and enter Bb Collaborate

Install and enter our Bb Collaborate room



We'll likely use this as one of our live presentation spaces


What should you be doing?

Join the room at http://webheads.learningtimesevents.org


How can you do this?

Find help at the Tech Check tab,

direct link here http://webheads.learningtimesevents.org/tech-check/


For those still having problems with this consult the tutorial here



And especially this video created by EVOMC co-moderator Vance explaining how to brute force your BbC into cooperating with your recalcitrant .collab files



How can you verify your mission accomplished?

Join us in a live event held in BbC, as per our Live Events link in the sidebar ------------>


Mission 3 - Install and enter our Discord game chat space

Install our Discord EMM space



We'll likely use this app to communicate in voice during our in-world Minecraft sessions


What should you be doing?

Visit http://discordapp.com where you will see these options



How can you do this?

Follow the instructions here 


How can you verify your mission accomplished?

By speaking to us through Discord when you join us in-world in Minecraft


Mission 4 - fill in the Google registration form

Fill in the Google form http://tinyurl.com/evomc17-register  



This registers you in our session and allows us to whitelist you on our Minecraft server


What should you be doing?

Assemble the following information

  • Your real name and where you’re from
  • The link to your introduction from step 1 (please have it handy)
  • Your Minecraft player name (known or intended; needed to whitelist you on our MC server)
  • Your level of experience with Minecraft (ranging from “noob” to expert)
  • A link to the blog or ePortfolio where you will track your learning journey (if you have one already)
  • Your Twitter handle (if you have one)
  • Your Discord ID (when you have one)
  • Confirmation that you can enter our Bb Collaborate room (yes / not yet / give up)


How can you do this?
Fill in the form. The link to the form is http://tinyurl.com/evomc17-register 


How can you verify this mission accomplished?

A field with your data will appear in the dBase linked to the Google form, so we'll know when you've registered



Mission 5 - Join our Missions Accomplished Google sheet

Join our Weeks 1-2 “Missions Accomplished” Google Sheet,  http://tinyurl.com/evomc17-badgetrack 



This gets you into the system whereby we can award your badges based on information you supply here.


For example, you can fill in information here leading to the awarding of the Minecraft Survivor's Badge.

This sheet acts as the “evidence” for your accomplishments in the course toward attaining goals set forth for the awarding of the badge.


When you receive your badge, the evidence makes possible that ... 

  • Anyone can see and verify how they have completed the set criteria

  • Anyone clicking on a Credly awarded badge can be hyperlinked to this document giving evidence for what you did that led to the awarding of the badge, 
    thus giving the badge its credibility.



What should you be doing?

You need to join the sheet and be prepared to enter your missions accomplished at 


but you won't be accepted to join that form until you have registered on our Google form in Mission 4


How can you do this?

Simply visit the sheet and request to join it


How can you verify this mission accomplished?

We'll see you in the list of writers on the Google sheet



Mission 6 - Join us in Minecraft

Once we have you registered we can white list you on our server, whose IP address we will provide on or around Jan 8, 2017



This is the practice part of a student's practicing and reflecting


What should you be doing?

  1. Purchase your login to Minecraft from Mojang http://minecraft.net
    All software downloads including server software and client software multiple devices are free; you pay only for your unique login credential 
  2. Check out some tutorials (start at https://minecraft.net/game/howtoplay )
  3.  View one of our other videos, or one or more of your own choosing
    1. Jeff’s cool Minecraft Basics: https://plus.google.com/+JeffK/posts/YzNWqVXLNLs 
    2. Filip’s How to Survive the First Night: https://plus.google.com/118365096931980735372/posts/dT8pGJxZDu2 


How can you do this?

  1. Fill in our Doodle scheduling form to let us know your availability 
    These are created once the session begins
  2.  Join us in Minecraft (procedure to be provided once we announce the IP address of our server) 


How can you verify this mission accomplished?

You can list the days you participated with us in the spreadsheet where you track your missions.

Your activity on the server is logged and can be verified



Missions for Week 2 Declare

Jan 14-21, 2017

Week 1 orientation missions will all likely carry on into Week 2 - Declare 


Mission 7 - Attend live events scheduled for Weeks 1 - 2




Mission 8 - Reflect on your activities for Weeks 1-2

  • Do some background reading
  • Attend our live sessions
  • Join us in the game



On the theory that a student practices and reflects, we ask you to do both


What should you be doing?

Read (parts or all of) one of more of these and write a reflective post 

  1. Review our proposal for EVOMC16, http://evosessions.pbworks.com/w/page/103533067/2016_EVO_Minecraft_MOOC
  2. Smolčec, Marijana and Smolčec, Filip. (2014). Using Minecraft for Learning English, with an introduction by Vance Stevens. TESL-EJ 18, 2:1-15.
    Available: http://tesl-ej.org/pdf/ej70/int.pdf and http://www.tesl-ej.org/wordpress/issues/volume18/ej70/ej70int/
  3. Kuhn, Jeff. (2015). Meaningful Play – Making Professional Development Fun. TESL-EJ 18, 4:1-8. 
    http://tesl-ej.org/pdf/ej72/int.pdf and http://www.tesl-ej.org/wordpress/issues/volume18/ej72/ej72int/
  4. Teachercraft: How teachers learn to use Minecraft in their classrooms, edited by Seann Dikkers
    Free download: http://press.etc.cmu.edu/files/Teacher-Craft_Dikkers-etal-web.pdf 
  5. Find more resources to explore at this crowd-sourced document maintained by EVOMC participants


Until we schedule events on this page: Live_events2017

Enjoy the recordings of our week 1 presentation from last year



How can you do this? 

  1. Start a blog or ePortfolio where you will share your learning journey and provide a link to it in the Google form
    If you need help with this please ask
  2. Create a post giving some reflection of your reading and impressions of the session so far
  3. Post the link to your post on Twitter and/or Google+ and tag it #evomc17


How can you verify this mission accomplished?

Your post will appear in our TagBoard at https://tagboard.com/evomc17/search



Summary of Missions for Weeks 1-2

If you're keeping up with us, you'll have done all the following by the end of Week 2


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