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You are viewing the archived Missions pages for EVOMC17

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Live Events for EVOMC17

Live and Recorded during EVO Minecraft MOOC Jan-Feb 2017



Look here later for a timetable of live events for EVO Minecraft MOOC 2017



Week 1 Jan 8-15 Orienting


Sat Jan 7 1400 UTC Electronic Village Online Kickoff Webcast 






Sun Jan 15 1400 UTC Vance Stevens on Gamification and CLIL: A Minecraft perspective - webinar for Techno-CLIL EVO session






Week 2 Jan 16-22 Declaring


Sat Jan 21 1500 UTC Special streaming from Minecraft and Discord





This is planned as an EVO Minecraft MOOC Server Party and tour.

You can attend in person, OR if not whitelisted on our server, attend via its stream on YouTube: https://youtu.be/qwSLAzbwOcY 

Tour guides included Linda Gielen, Maha Abdelmoneim, Jane Chien, Vance Stevens, & others



Here are some people who might be there



Other Server Party times this week


Thu Jan 19 12:00 - 16:00 UTC 



Friday Jan 20 14:00 - 16:00 UTC 



Sun Jan 22 12 noon to 1600 UTC




Week 3 Jan 23-29 Networking


Wed Jan 25 streaming on-the-fly Rose Bard takes us on a tour of her mob farm in-progress


After posting this, a bunch of us hooked up on the EVO Minecraft MOOC server



We visited Plume's very elaborate mob farm in his castle keep with +Linda Gielen,


+Rose Bard invited me to see the one she was making beneath her house.

She was using Discord, so we decided to stream the tour, and you can see it here, https://youtu.be/lIhF27OSqBE



Thu Jan 26 1900 UTC David Dodgson, David Plumel, and Dakota Redstone talking and playing EVO Minecraft MOOC


Originally planned as: David Dodgson aka ELT Sandbox talks / plays EVO Minecraft MOOC 


David Dodgson was one of our original EVO Minecraft MOOC moderators.


He is having trouble getting on the Minecraft server from Bahrain but he's agreed to try and connect by 1900 UTC on Thu Jan 26.

If he can get on the server I'll trying to stream it on this watch page: https://youtu.be/F9u6Is4PJ04


I have set an event for this community for 1900 UTC here



The event was attended by Rose Bard, David Dodgson, Linda Gielen, Maha Abdelmoneim,  Jeff Kuhn, Jo Kay, David Plume007, Dakota Restone,, Christophe Technotof, and myself of course (if I left anyone out, let me know, and I'll rectify the oversight here).



Week 4 Jan 30-Feb 5 Clustering


Fri Feb 3 Vance Stevens and Jeff Kuhn on EVOMC17 at the 8th annual free connecting online conference


Here is Nellie's Deutsch's video of this event, https://youtu.be/GWDRekdG61s



Also archived at http://Learning2gether.net as Episode 360 here



Friday February 3




Vance Stevens and Jeff Kuhn

Co-moderators of EVO Minecraft MOOC

EVO Minecraft MOOC: Third time around overview

EVOMC17 is now in its third iteration of seeking to introduce teachers to Big G Gamification by experiencing the concept through interaction with teaching peers in the “little g” game of Minecraft. The presentation explains how the community has sustained itself for three years as a space where experienced players and noobies alike can contribute to each other’s appreciation of Minecraft as a “toy” for enabling learning over a wide range of concepts.


In WizIQ, here






Streamed on https://youtu.be/ijRcvzLuP4I 



This presentation will focus on the evolution of the EVO Minecraft MOOC community from 2015 through the present, how it has indeed become a community, who it has attracted from other networks, and the interesting move from starting in creative and then morphing to survival (2015 and 20160, to the running of two parallel worlds as we do today (2017), with even a third (last year's world from 2016) whose existence was just recently inadvertently exposed, with outcomes yet to be known (but we might have even more to report by Friday). 


Blog posts: for further information, see



Week 5 Feb 6-12 Focusing


Tue Feb 7 01:00 UTC - VSTE Server Party


Hosted by Beth O'Connell and Kimball Harrison from VSTE, Virginia Society for Technology in Education


For people in the USA this was Monday evening Feb 6 


Vance managed to stream this here, https://youtu.be/MgWzZXXECLI

However, not without problems. I had been previously streaming from Wiz(Q and had suppressed my mic for that webcast.

When I streamed MC with Discord for this session I neglected to toggle my mic back in (it was 5 a.m. for me, not even one cup of coffee yet).

So the audio in the recording is from Discord but without me in the conversation. Sorry about that.




EVO Minecraft MOOC

Kimball Harrison

Week 3: Network Jan 31, 2017


Next Monday at 8 PM Eastern VSTE meets in our Minecraft world, "VSTE Place." I'd love to have some EVO Minecraft MOOC members join us. I want to present the idea to VSTE that we do a "Survive the Summer" event from Memorial Day, May 29th, through Labor Day, September 4th. We'd have a survival map members can teleport to. 

I'd love for any of you to come talk it up with me. We might have a panel discussion if there are enough of us, answering some questions that come up...

What's the big deal about survival? How do you start? What are some common goals we might adopt? Where do you get your best information about how to survive? That sort of thing.



To participate you need a Minecraft account from Mojang https://account.mojang.com/, the free software running 1.11.2

  • On the login screen Edit Profile, choose release 1.11.2 from the dropdown menu, and save the profile.
  • Our multiuser server address is
  • Email K4sons@gmail.com before 6 PM Monday with your Mojang Minecraft login name so you can be whitelisted. 


For server information and more go to the flyer here https://goo.gl/fT2U95

We will use Discord for voice to communicate. Download it ahead of time if you don't have it and set up an account. It's free. The link to join VSTE VE PLN Minecraft Mondayis https://discord.gg/hXxSBHB


Learning2gether Episode 362 Sat Feb 11 EVO Minecraft MOOC meets Jo Kay at Massively Minecraft


EVO Minecraft MOOC

Jo Kay

Discussion8:04 AM


On Feb 11 at 1700 UTC, the Massively Minecraft kids would be glad to have visitors. 

EVO Minecraft MOOC members were whitelisted at server address is play.jokaydia.com or running Minecraft v 1.11.2


For those who couldn't join in Minecraft the session was recorded: https://youtu.be/oEy5M8Unx30 



An event was set here




Learning2gether Episode 363 Sun Feb 12 1400 UTC Closing Webcast of EVO 2017


The event took place in Bb Collaborate, in the Webheads Virtual Office



Here is the BbC recording



My wife was kind enough to stream the session for us

on her channel



EVO Head Coordinator Mbarek Akaddar has issued an invitation to the closing webcast to be held in the Webheads virtual office next Sunday at 14:00 UTC. Most of the coordination team will be there. Please come along and encourage your participants to come and share with us their evaluation of the session they participated in, the challenges they met and their recommendations for next year.







More live events listed at http://learning2gether.pbworks.com/w/page/32206114/volunteersneeded 



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