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This page provides information users require to get themselves onto the EVO Minecraft MOOC server for 2018


Our server is running the current latest release of Minecraft 1.12.2



If necessary, create an appropriate profile in your Minecraft launcher



To reach our server:

1. Run Minecraft and select "Multiplayer"



2. Click "Add Server"

3. In "Server Address" type in the IP address of our server mc.evomc.net and then select "Done".
    Write in the server name EVO 2018 if it's not there already

The above image can be found in our G+ Community under Server Information


4. From here click on the server EVO 2018 (or whatever you called it) and then click the button "Join Server".



Thanks to EVOMC18 co-moderator Aaron Schwartz for setting up and maintaining the EVO server from a nether portal in his office at Ohio University, Athens, Georgia