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You are viewing the archived Missions pages for EVOMC20

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Missions for Week 4 Cluster

Feb. 2-8, 2020



Check here to tick off your missions accomplished for Week 4


Week 4 - Cluster behavior typically sets in at MOOCs where participants form groups around shared interests. Our server can be a slightly daunting place to enter for the first time, but you should find some safe houses (if you are lucky, marked by beacons of light) where noobs can survive to dawn and gather materials in daylight and get back inside (and shut the door) at night.


Here are your missions for week 4


Mission 10 - Survive survival mode in Minecraft


What should you be doing?

Staying alive


How can you do this?

Work with others to share shelter.

Build into mountainsides so you can tunnel down at night and find resources.

Learn how to craft chests so you'll have a cache in case of untoward demise.


How can you verify your mission accomplished?

Your activity will be noted on our server

Post pictures on Instagram or Flickr or YouTube or on your blog or reflective space, and tag it #evomc19

Your post should appear 





Mission 11 - Reflect on your experiences through Week 4


What should you be doing?

Do whatever helps you achieve you goals in Minecraft, but document what you are doing.


How can you do this? 

Make an illustrated blog post or a video of

  • something you are doing in Minecraft,
  • or something you have learned about Minecraft,
  • or network connections made,
  • or take-aways from our live events.


Post the link to your post on Twitter or Google+ and tag it #evomc19


How can you verify your mission accomplished?

Your post should appear 




Live events scheduled for Week 4


Summary of Missions for Week 4


    1. Mission 10 - Survive survival mode in Minecraft
    2. Mission 11 - Reflect on your experiences through Week 4 



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