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Page history last edited by Vance Stevens 3 years, 10 months ago

You are viewing an archived page for EVOMC20

EVOMC21 server info is here: http://missions4evomc.pbworks.com/w/page/141007461/2021_server_info 

To reach the Sidebar for the current version of this EVO sessionclick here


EVO Minecraft MOOC 1.12.2 server


Our server hosted by Aaron Schwartz is running Minecraft version 1.12.2


How to set your PLAY profile to 1.12.2


Video instructions for profile settings


Olivetree made a 3:38 min:sec video to show you how to change your profile from the latest version to ours, 1.12.2

And you can try following the instructions below the video, but note that the new Minecraft launcher has changed its appearance slightly, though the principle is the same.



Text and visual instructions for profile settings


If you want to refresh your knowledge without watching the video again, try following these instructions



If necessary, create an appropriate profile in your Minecraft launcher, as per this screen shot




How to connect with our server at mc.evomc.net


Video instructions for server connection


Olivetree made a 5:28 min:sec video to show you how to connect with the EVO Minecraft Server once you have the correct profile running

And you can try following the instructions below the video.



Text and visual instructions for server connection


If you want to refresh your knowledge without watching the video again, try following these instructions


  1. Run Minecraft and select "Multiplayer"

  2. Click "Add Server"
  3. In "Server Address" type in the IP address of our server mc.evomc.net and then select "Done".
    1. Be careful there are no extra spaces before or after the server name
    2. Extra spaces will be significant and will not connect you with our server
  4. Write in the server name EVO 2020 or whatever you wish to call this server

The above image can be found in our G+ Community under Server Information


4. From here click on the server EVOMC 2020 (or whatever you called it) and then click the button "Join Server".



If you get a connection error, click REFRESH and try again.


Thanks to EVOMC19 co-moderator Aaron Schwartz for setting up and maintaining the EVO server

from a nether portal in his office at Ohio University, Athens, Georgia.


Dakotah Redstone's 1.14.4 server


Hosted by Dakota Redstone, this server's address (IP:port) WAS

but Dak ran into problems there and set up a new server. The new address is, running 1.14.4


You can follow the instructions above to select the correct PLAY profile 1.14.4

and connect to the server using the IP:port information shown here (in place of mc.evomc.net)


If you're being updated from a previous version, your screen might look like this



When you click to connect it might prompt you for the server address.


When you enter, you should be respawned to Haliwell. 

You might be in diapers, have no accumulations from previous game play, and feel a bit frustrated, like going out and punching a tree or something.


Tell it to the Golem



But playing in pure survival mode will give you insights into how Minecraft could be used in this mode with students to help develop critical thinking and cooperation skills, because students will have to develop strategies for coping with respawning empty handed, such as quickly creating shelters, stocking them with chests, storing critical gear in them to speed re-entry after the next respawn event, and finding light so they can work, protected, in the dark.


It's easier when you play with others and tasks can be shared and delegated.


Try it and see!


Reently the classic 1.12.2 Minecraft server crashed and the miners in world at the time moved over to Dak's 1.14.4.

I posted this note at the time which I'm going to paste in here in case we have to use it again.


Important announcement:

On Jan 16 at around 13:00 UTC the classic EVO Minecraft Server running 1.12.2 crashed and the group present at the time migrated to Dakotah Redstone's 1.14.4 server, called Haliwell. Until further notice, EVOMC20 activities will be held in Dakotah's Haliwell server.

Instructions for reaching that server are below on this page, here:



This is further notice! The 1.12.2 server is back up as of Jan 18, 2020. Thanks Dak for the temporary use of yours.


Here are Olivetree's instructions for connecting to Haliwell


Hi everyone. If you find the EVO server offline you can go ahead and switch to a 1.14.4 Minecraft version and join the Haliwell server.


To switch to 1.14.4 do the following


1- Start your launcher and don't press play. 

2- From the top menu select Installations. 

3- click the plus sigh where it says New. 

4- Add a name that tells you what you use this for or just the version number 1.14.4 

5- Under the name, press the Version menu to open the drop down list. Search for "Release 1.14.4" and when you find it click on it to select it. 

6- At the bottom right, click on "Create". 

7- From the top menu click on the "Play" tab to go back to the main launcher page. 

8- On the left side of the big green "Play" button open the drop down menu and select the version that you need. Now you are ready to Play your selected version. 

9- If you've never been on Haliwell server, add it the same way you added EVOmc but in the Address field insert this number


Server logs in EVOMC20


UPDATE! Latest from Aaron Schwartz on Jan 23, 2020 EVO Classic Server update

my trusty router decided to die today. The good news is that I had a spare router and I have the Internet up and running...the bad news is that the port forwarding for minecraft and dynmap are not working correctly. The Classic server will be down until this issue is resolved.



This just in, Jan 25, 2020






Minecraft is constantly coming out with updates, so instructions and server details may go out of date here.

If you notice anything that is incorrect, please notify us.



PBworks reclaims wiki URLs when they have not been revisited for a year.

Date and time of this update

Aug 16, 2020 - 09:00 UTC

by Vance Stevens




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