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You are viewing an archived page for EVOMC21

EVO Minecraft MOOC 2022 How2joinUs page is here: 2022_how2joinUs

To reach the Sidebar for the current version of this EVO sessionclick here



How to join us in Minecraft


Purchase your login to Minecraft JAVA EDITION


Purchase your login to Minecraft JAVA EDITION from Mojang http://minecraft.net 

Be sure and get the JAVA version of the software.

With your login credentials, all logins plus software downloads including server software and client software for multiple devices are free; you pay around $30 (one time only) for your unique login credential (software is free)


Register with EVO Minecraft MOOC by filling in the Google form


Register with EVO Minecraft MOOC by filling in the Google form for 2021 here: https://forms.gle/WLdPYYdLDohb8h9b6 


Here you need to tell us your Minecraft user name so we can whitelist you on our server
At the bottom of the form, have Google send you a copy of you. response.

This will have Google send you an email, and in that email there is a button where you can easily EDIT your response in case you want to add details later, such as a Minecraft user name or a Discord ID number.

  1. Once we've whitelisted you, you can create a profile in Minecraft for build 1.16.4 and drop by our EVOMC21 server at this address mc.evomc.net
    For detailed instructions, see 2021_server_info

  2. Once you're in Minecraft we can text chat (press t in Minecraft to activate the text chat feature)

  3. If you want to speak to us in voice, activate Discord by following the instructions here: 2021_Discord


Join our Facebook Group and Groups.io email list


If you have further questions

You can join these spaces and leave us notes here



Join in our live events in Discord and Minecraft


Check here to see when we are meeting live, 2021_Live_Events

Learn how to configure Minecraft for our server here: 2021_server_info

Learn how to talk with us in voice while playing with us in Minecraft here: 2021_Discord



Date and time of this update

January 10, 2021 - 09:00 UTC - Teacher Vance




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