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Missions for EVO Minecraft MOOC 2021 Video Tutorials



  1. How can you find the screenshots you make when you press the F2 key while playing Minecraft?
  2. Tutorials on various topics in Minecraft
    1.  VSTE Minecraft Monday on installing skins and resource packs
    2. Accumulated legacy tutorial materials moved here from elsewhere on our wiki
      1. Rose Bard's 2019 tutorial infographic
      2. Videos for beginners to help you work out what to do
  3. Sura-LauraB - expedition and session ideas
    1. Sura's EVOMC21 Spawn Point Makeover
    2. Teacher Vance & Bobbi Bear guide Sura from Spawn to our Desert Temples to see how she excavates them
    3. Teacher Vance and Bobbi Bear go by sea from the Spawn Point to Sura's Desert Village and end at the Mysterious Flying Saucer
  4. Ari Ben Lazar Projects
    1. Making a hole in the ocean: Teacher Vance survives a brief tour of Ari Ben Lazar's submerged temple
  5. EVO Minecraft MOOC Tutorials by Vance Stevens
    1. EVO Minecraft MOOC Tutorial 2021 Episode 1 - How to launch Minecraft 1.16.2 and start at spawn point
    2. EVO Minecraft MOOC Tutorial 2021 Episode 2 - Chopping trees, crafting tools, & mining adventure tour
    3. EVO Minecraft MOOC Tutorial 2021 Ep. 3 - Extreme survival: Respawn zero to survival hero overnight
    4. EVO Minecraft MOOC Tutorial 2021 Episode 4 - Finding food, finding others, and mining in dark places
    5. EVO Minecraft MOOC Tutorial 2021 Episode 5 - Monster madness, respawning, recovering the death chest
    6. EVO Minecraft MOOC Tutorial 2021 Episode 6 - Exploring creative builds on the EVOMC21 server, edited
    7. EVO Minecraft MOOC Tutorial 2021 Episode 7 - Leaving Spawn, Visiting the Ark, and Shear Pleasure
    8. EVO Minecraft MOOC Tutorial 2021 Episode 8 - From shear pleasure to husbandry of sheep and pandas
    9. EVO Minecraft MOOC Tutorial 2021 Episode 9 - Sheep feeding & mating, and trading for emeralds in a taiga village
    10. EVO Minecraft MOOC Tutorial 2021 Episode 10 - Home to the castle, terracotta mining & tended village
    11. EVO Minecraft MOOC Tutorial 2021 Episode 10 sequel - Learning from Teacher Vance's unfortunate, but entertaining, comedy of errors
    12. EVOMC21 Tutorial 11 - Safari begins with an explanation of the journey & visit to first/last outpost
    13. EVOMC21 Tutorial 12 - Safari from Trench shelter 1 to Mountain base 2 to Mine shelter 3
    14. EVOMC21 Tutorial 13 - Safari from Mine Shelter 3 to Lava Camp 4 with escape from mischievous water maze trap 
    15. EVOMC21 Tutorial 14 - Boat ride from Lava Camp 4 to the Desert Biome Harbor and then desert trek to the Village with the tower
    16. EVOMC21 Tutorial 15 - Trek from Desert Tower Village up the mountain & down to Desert Mountain Base
    17. EVOMC21 Tutorial 16 Tower Village to Mountain Base via peninsula desert village & trade for emeralds
    18. EVOMC21 Tutorial 17 Desert Mountain Base shelter to Desert Excavation shelter and mob games at night 
    19. EVOMC21 Tutorial 18 from our Desert Excavation shelter follow paths to a plains village on the ocean
    20. EVOMC21 Tutorial 19 Long trek from plains village shelter to desert temple base, battle mobs enroute
    21. EVOMC21 Tutorial 20 - Desert and savanna villages on Trek from Tombs Base to Savanna Beach Boathouse 
    22. EVOMC21 Tutorial 21 - Teacher Vance, Bobbi Bear, and Walton Burns island hop from Savanna Beach Boathouse to Greenland, row on to badlands, and trek to Lonely Mesa
    23. EVOMC21 Tutorial 22 - Teacher Vance and Bobbi Bear leave their Lonely Mesa shelter in the terracotta badlands and head back home via the first/last outpost in the plains


How can you find the screenshots you make when you press the F2 key while playing Minecraft?


On a PC



On a Mac


Don Carroll points us to where you find these files on a mac




Tutorials on various topics in Minecraft


 VSTE Minecraft Monday on installing skins and resource packs



Accumulated legacy tutorial materials moved here from elsewhere on our wiki


Rose Bard's 2019 tutorial infographic


Rose has created an infographic with tips for evomc19

(warps may no longer work, but type /warp in Minecraft to get a current list)



Videos for beginners to help you work out what to do


    1. Co-moderator Jeff Kuhn’s Minecraft Basics:

    2. Co-moderator Filip Smolčec’s How to Survive the First Night: 

    3. One of Teacher Vance's earlier stabs at recording a screencast of a first day survival in Minecraft 


    4. Dakota Redstone reveals some of his techniques in this charming video about how to stay alive your first night in Minecraft and thrive the next day




Sura-LauraB - expedition and session ideas


This is one space where Sura can articulate here development ideas; or she can articulate them in our planning document, and we can bring them in here when ready


Sura's EVOMC21 Spawn Point Makeover




Meanwhile, Surajmukhi has built a welcome center at the spawn point and the spawn point has been shifted to fall inside the front gate of her welcome center. She gave Teacher Vance a tour of it:




Teacher Vance & Bobbi Bear guide Sura from Spawn to our Desert Temples to see how she excavates them



With EVOMC21 about to begin in a matter of days, busy miner/moderators are at work preparing the EVO Minecraft Server for visitors. Sura asked me if I knew where there were any desert temples she could lead treks to. I allowed as to how I might know of one or two and offered to guide her there for only an emerald or two or a drink from one of her potions. She readily agreed and with Bobbi Bear in tow we headed off toward the setting sun.


Past the spawn area and up the hill where the Ark is and along the plateau and down the other side where our castle is we went. We rested there and set off at dawn, bypassing the village for the alpine meadows where Vance and Bobbi have two more shelters. We lingered little there but headed down the mountain and island skipped and hopped over to the large island with the lava pool, where Vance and Bobbi have erected another humble abode.


At dawn we mustered boats and steered them north to the desert island where there is a quaint little desert village harbor. From there we passed our seaside shelter and poorly functioning garden and headed west to the river which we followed to where it flowed into the sea, and where the peninsular village we had visited only once before drew us like moths to flame. Here we entered the temple there and Sure demonstrated her method of excavation, different from one we had used in previous EVO Minecraft MOOC sessions, where we used to remove a block and jump down, carefully avoiding where we we knew the TNT would be. From this we infer that there is more than one way to skin a cat.


The excavation took all night, so at dawn we set off up the coast to our shelter at the base of the sole mountain in the flat desert biome. We tended our garden briefly before continuing up the wadi to where the second set of tombs were. Sura seemed happy to find these. She thought it would fun for us all to come back here with EVOMC21 participants and remove sand, and learn how to get to the chests inside.


We agreed but we had been traveling long enough, and as the sun set brilliantly in the west, Sura logged off, Bobbi lay down to dream about bed spawns, and I scrolled out some closing credits and put the recording to bed as well.


Teacher Vance and Bobbi Bear go by sea from the Spawn Point to Sura's Desert Village and end at the Mysterious Flying Saucer


Video Title:

EVOMC21 goes by sea from the Spawn Point to Sura's Desert Village & to the Mysterious Flying Saucer




What was Sura doing over there this morning? I was watching her on the dynamic map, 
http://mc.evomc.net:8123/, buzzing about on the headland across the water just east across the blue from the Pyramid and when I zoomed in I noticed she had found a desert village there. I noticed there were some other intriguing things in the area: an unfinished desert nether portal nearby, a huge saucer shaped structure just off a small island to the north east of where she was. She was also moving back and forth between there and a shelter she had built in the marsh that separated those two features. I thought if we were lucky, Bobbi Bear and I might catch her there and she could show us around. But by the time we'd had our breakfast and sorted out our equipment back at our home castle, and were about to make our move, she was just leaving.


We decided to go anyway. We warped to the Spawn Point and from there went down to the pier and tried to put boats in the water. But dropping items has been forbidden in a large area across the spawn point stretching over to Dak's boat house on the far side of the lagoon. We couldn't drop our boat in the water so we decided to swim past the boat house to a far corner of the lagoon not blocked off for protection past Hinderval, where we could cross a narrow bit of land and drop a boat in the ocean on the other side, beyond the protected area. On the way we found a pier with boats (already dropped in the water), so we took one of those into the waterways along the narrow thread of land short of the cliffs where we found our crossing point.


This took us till early afternoon in a Minecraft day but we jumped in our boat and headed for the jungle temple sitting by itself in the ocean nearby just to have a look. We arrived just as it got dark, dangerous if there were any monsters around, but it was in the middle of the ocean and not likely to be spawning mobs. Still we had little choice but to drop a bed there and go to sleep.


That went well, so in the morning we explored the temple a little, left a few torches around, then got back in our boat, and headed for the desert on the opposite shore where the village was. We wandered around some of the buildings there and climbed a tower, and when it starrted getting dark, we found huts to sleep in. Bobbi found a bed in one with someone in it; I found one with an empty bed so I slept there, setting my spawn point to that village. One sleeper makes it dawn for all after a few seconds sleep.


First thing n the morning we walked between the salt flats to the lava pit where just beyond we found the vestigial nether portal. Mindful of the lava rock, we had a look around and then moved back across the sand to the east where we'd noticed what looked to be a desert structure but turned out to be a quarry at the edge of the desert, where it met a birch forest. We struck out north from there through the forest up and down uneven terrain, skirting the desert looking for where we could turn off in to the marsh and find Sura's shelter. The sun had set, and we'd got separated when Bobbi reached it, but it was so dark, she  couldn't find a way up. We struggled to find any good solid ground we could throw a bed down on. I had left my bed at the sea temple but Bobbi had one. I couldn't see where Bobbi was but I got her to set down a torch or two and then we were able to meet up. I set some more torches and kept watch while she made her bed and went to sleep. We were not attacked, and morning came suddenly.


Now we went in search of the flying saucer object indicated on the map. I expected something on the ground but when I crossed to the island where it should be it wasn't there. Then we looked up; it was overhead, way overhead. It was supported, it seemed to us, by waterfalls that gushed downward. I tried to climb one, essentially swim up the water, but I was quickly pitched out the other side into the pool created by the waterfalls. Exiting the pool, I found an enderman barring my way. I don't think I had looked at him directly; they only attack if you stare at their eyes, so I bravely brushed past him, under his legs. I could see the lump of earth he was carrying and saw him shake it furiously. I guess he brought it down on me because the game informed me that I had been killed.


I was still in contact with Bobbi in Discord. She had seen it kill me but it didn't bother her and wandered off. I respawned at the village where we had slept. Bobbi saw my death chest where she was so I tp'd to her. The enderman was nowhere to be seen.  I extracted my things from the death chest, shift-click, shift-click, quickly. I looked around and saw the enderman. He was coming towards me and I could see his two eyes. Seemed like trouble so I quickly typed /home home and was transported to in my castle base, safe and sound.


Bobbi tp'd to me. We had had enough for one session, 45 minutes already. We said our goodbyes and finished the video.



Ari Ben Lazar Projects


Making a hole in the ocean: Teacher Vance survives a brief tour of Ari Ben Lazar's submerged temple


I posted this screenshot on Facebook and commented as follows:




What's Ari Bin Lazar up to at this temple in the middle of the ocean on the EVO Minecraft MOOC server? He offered to show me around so I tp'd over, and he gave me permission to record in Camtasia, but wasn't on Discord, so it was hard for me to follow without voice. He's installed special tubes for going underwater but I couldn't follow the txt chat and started losing hearts, and my Minecraft lagged so badly while I was underwater that I was seriously concerned I wouldn't make it back out. For what it's worth, I got it on video, but we'll try again in more favorable circumstances later. It was late for Ari, so he went off to bed, but if you're looking for this follow the dynemap east from Dak's pyramid and you can't miss it.


Update, Ari has now joined our Discord server :-) 


AS promised, here's the video: https://youtu.be/3ZRAXAn82rU



Here are relevant excerpts from the #serverchat for this event as preserved in Discord

I wasn't able to process some of this while playing / swimming, trying to cope with server lag


Ari » hello

TeacherVance - Hi Ari, howzit

Ari » pretty good

TeacherVance - I just woke up here in Penang. Bobbi Bear is still asleep. What are you up to

Ari » been slowly working on draining a temple

TeacherVance » Where is the temple? In the ocean somewhere I'm guessing

TeacherVance » I think I can see you heading there on the map now

Ari » yep

TeacherVance » yeah, I can see you and the hole in the ocean now

Ari » I have most of the outside drained then I'm going to do the inside

TeacherVance » how did you travel there so quickly, were you flying? or using a Nether tunnel?

Ari » I do both I have and elitra and rockets to get around fast

TeacherVance - You'll have to show me some time.. Meanwhile I'll google those

Ari » it is a glider that you can get from end citys

Ari » and rockets are a crafted item that is not in the crafting bood its one two or three gunpower and one paper

TeacherVance - Is that all? You'll have to demo that when we start EVO.  I'm watching you build on the map. In real life I'm doing coffee type things.

TeacherVance » Can I tp over and film what you are doing for a few minutes using camtasia?

Ari » sure its not anyting crazy now

TeacherVance - are you in discord by any chance?

Ari » no i have not set that up yet

TeacherVance - ok, I'm curious to see what you're doing, will you be there a little while longer?

TeacherVance » you don't need discord, give me a timeline and bobbi might join us

Ari » heading back there now

TeacherVance » ok, let me know when we can tp

Ari » ok go ahead

TeacherVance - give me a moment to set up camtasia (position the windows)

Ari » ya Im show you around a min but I actualy need to get to bed

TeacherVance » sleep in MC you mean?

Ari » this is an ocian temple I have alread taken care of the elder gardians

Ari » no its getting on 11 pm here

TeacherVance - that's perfeect, I had read that as in a minute, so ok, the brief tour let's go

TeacherVance » shall i follow?

Ari » at the entrance to the temple I have a thing that will let us breath underwater

Ari » its a conduit its made with the heart of the sea and shells

TeacherVance » l lost you

Ari » it turns on when surounded by prysmerine

TeacherVance » sorry lost my breath

TeacherVance - let's do this another time, I'm lagging and in MC for some reason

you can go to sleep and I'll catch up with this later



EVO Minecraft MOOC Tutorials by Vance Stevens


EVO Minecraft MOOC Tutorial 2021 Episode 1 - How to launch Minecraft 1.16.2 and start at spawn point





Vance Stevens, a.k.a. Teacher Vance, Introduces EVO Minecraft MOOC on the EVOMC21 1.16.2 server administered by Aaron Schwartz. 1.16.2 was the version running when this video was made. The. This video shows you how to consult 2021_server_info to find out how to install and run the appropriate version of Minecraft (it could change to a later edition in the future) and how to configure your Minecraft launch software to play on our server. To be whitelisted on our server, you have to have filled out the form for whitelisting. The tutorial shows you how to reach the dynamic map of our server from in-game (also available through your browser at http://mc.evomc.net:8123/) and how to use it to orient yourself around the spawn point, and wherever you are on the server.


The spawn point has since been shifted to fall inside Surajmukhi's new welcome shelter, but the area around the spawn point is, at this writing, the same.


When you join some worlds for the first time you arrive without anything in you "pockets" (inventory) or "hands" (hot-bar). Depending on time of day you arrive in-game on our serve (as indicated on the dynamic map) you could have all "day" to accumulate a few basic items or you could be in a race to find shelter before nightfall (or you could arrive at night, in which case you should stay where you are or stay swimming all night, or just succumb to the inevitable and return later. You won't actually lose anything, it's painless, and I demonstrate at the beginning of the video that suicide can be a strategy in this game).


The video shows you how to find available shelter and food elsewhere on the server (if you help yourself to carrots, be sure to replant, if you take them from the garden, and support a sustainable supply for all).


In the video we go out and meet our local enderman, whom you should never, ever look at directly (if you do, you'll find out why not; if you don't look at him he'll leave you alone, but then you'll never find out why not :-).


We end with setting a bed spawn . I neglected to mention in the video that you right click on the bed to sleep there. You can only sleep at night, and this will make it morning, when you can go out and follow your survival agenda in relative safety. Come join us and we'll show you more.


We'll find out how to make your own bed in a later tutorial.



EVO Minecraft MOOC Tutorial 2021 Episode 2 - Chopping trees, crafting tools, & mining adventure tour




You wake up in your shelter, now what? Time to chop some trees. While it's safely light out, create a crafting table and make some basic wooden tools. Throw in a mining adventure and find some cobblestone. All you need now is a source of coal or charcoal so you can have your own source of light.


EVO Minecraft MOOC Tutorial 2021 Ep. 3 - Extreme survival: Respawn zero to survival hero overnight





Suppose you respawn in an unknown place. This video shows you one possible scenario for surviving a first night with nothing and then thriving in Minecraft.


The thumbnail shows what was going on just before I respawned, but here you'll see how, in two Minecraft days, I was able to

 - Bring up a dynamic map so you can track place and time, from in-game or via http://mc.evomc.net:8123/ 

 - Find trees with a nearby physical feature where you can make a quick shelter

 - Make an L-shaped emergency shelter BEFORE DARK

 - Cut a block of wood and convert it to 4 planks

 - Make a crafting table (using the 4 planks)

 - Cut another block and make more planks and sticks (using 2 more planks for each 4 sticks)

 - Make an axe (using 2 planks + 2 sticks)

 - Use the axe to cut MORE blocks (more efficient than using your fist)

 - Make a sword (using 2 planks + 1 stick)

 - Make a pick axe  (using 3 planks + 2 sticks)

 - Find cobblestone, and use the pickaxe to chop 12-15 blocks, or more

 - Make a furnace (using 8 blocks of cobblestone)

 - Make charcoal in the furnace (using tree logs and planks for fuel)

 - Make torches (you get 4 torches from each lump of charcoal + 1 stick)

 - Make a door so you can enter and leave your shelter


Each log makes one charcoal

 - Put the logs in the top tier of the furnace

 - Put planks in the bottom

 - Pull the resulting torches into your inventory, place some on the walls, and let there be light!


As they break, replace your wooden tools with stone ones 

At the end of the video we locate coal and mine it


Next we'll go in search of COAL (to replace charcoal)

and find  IRON to make shears so you can shear sheep.

Once you obtain wool you can make a bed so you can sleep properly and set the time to morning when you do


EVO Minecraft MOOC Tutorial 2021 Episode 4 - Finding food, finding others, and mining in dark places


We'll see later how, from their wool and a few planks, we can make a bed so you can sleep properly and set the time to morning when you do





In this video we go mining for more COAL (to replace charcoal)

and  IRON to make shears so you can shear sheep (or you could just kill a couple of sheep, but that's not sustainable).


Here, Teacher Vance shows you how to find both emergency-survival (an unfortunate cow) and sustainable food sources (garden carrots), connect with others in Minecraft, descend into a mine, find coal and iron, and battle monsters in the process


EVO Minecraft MOOC Tutorial 2021 Episode 5 - Monster madness, respawning, recovering the death chest





This is EVO Minecraft MOOC Tutorial 5 for 2021, in which we venture into a nearby mine, store dispensable items in a chest in a handy shelter, go in search of monsters, deal with some, succumb to others, respawn, and recover our death chest with possessions intact


EVO Minecraft MOOC Tutorial 2021 Episode 6 - Exploring creative builds on the EVOMC21 server, edited





On our adventure today, we visit some of the more creative builds near the spawn point on our EVO Minecraft 2021 server. Dakotah Redstone and Ari Ben Lazar are both creative builders whose work is well worth visiting if you're in the neighborhood.


We stroll from our base house over to the spawn point and go by boat to Dakotah Redstone's waterfront house on the opposite shore of the bay. From there we follow the blocks of blue-stained glass up the path to Dak's impressively huge pyramid. We have a look inside but I miss seeing a zombie who manages to get behind me and causes me to respawn precipitously. 


But Bobbi Bear dispatches him and I am able to teleport back to her and recover my death chest, which will retain everything I was carrying as long as I can get back to it within one real-world hour from whatever unfortunate accident has occurred. From there we negotiate the stairs down to the foundry exit where I sleep on the bed there and render it morning. 


We walk north and west around a grassy point of land and go by boat to Aaron's jungle bridge. From there we round the point where his lighthouse is and then row due west to come out on Ari Ben Lazar's build with the big balloon at the edge of a terracotta biome. By then it's dark so we throw a bed down and make it morning again. We have a look around but from there it's only a short stroll over the rust-red sand, a swim over to the lagoon beach, and a quick walk up a jungle path to our base house near the spawn point.


I edited my original video to remove where I suggested that Ari was building in creative mode. I have since found out that he does all his work in survival mode, with materials he obtains from the environment. That makes his work even more impressive!


Here is what made me think that Ari was building in creative mode. I thought he was flying around his big balloon when I came upon him creating it some time ago, but now I realize he had built steps leading up to it, which he has since replaced with a kind of rope ladder that can't be climbed by mere mortals.


Here's what I saw from afar as I neared his build on one of my first tours around the new server, September 18, 2020


Ari, just visible on the platform midway up the steps, appeared to me to be flying there.


After making this video and being informed that Ari did all his builds in survival mode (no flying) and using resources accumulated in Minecraft as any other player would do it, albeit with much greater knowledge of where those resources could be found, and expert skill in retrieving them, I revisited the balloon and found that the steps were gone, replaced by a kind of rope ladder that came down almost to the water line.



I swam over to see if I could get up the ladder. I couldn't see how to get onto it.



It was swaying over the water, and I couldn't capture it with clicking, or even in an image, so I ducked under water to get a better view.



I hope Ari will invite us over to have a closer look around all the interesting things he is creating there.



EVO Minecraft MOOC Tutorial 2021 Episode 7 - Leaving Spawn, Visiting the Ark, and Shear Pleasure





In this one we bid farewell to our base near the spawn point and cross a lake to a different biome, with grassy plateaus, snowy mountains, and sheep for the shearing. We visit an ark that someone has erected nearby with a chest in it with things you wouldn't want to put in your mouth or put on your head. After a romp in the snow we return to base and prepare for evening.



EVO Minecraft MOOC Tutorial 2021 Episode 8 - From shear pleasure to husbandry of sheep and pandas





After episode 7 where we learned how to find and shear sheep properly, Teacher Vance decided on a plan to populate the spawn area with sheep. Such a nice empty field with just a couple of pigs and cows (minus the one I took out of hunger in the extreme survival episode) - if my plan worked, then new arrivals on our server would at least have a source of wool in the spawn area.


The nearest and most consistent concentration of sheep was in the snowy mountains above the ark. In all the bases that Bobbi Bear and I have established we have focused on sustainable farming (mainly of carrots) so there would be no need to disturb the animals grazing on our server when miners needed food to restore their hearts. We had also planted some wheat around the carrots, so I went to the Spawn and Ark houses and got all the wheat I could gather (and replanted immediately after harvest, so it keeps replenishing). I took the wheat up to the mountain and fed some to pairs of sheep there (when you feed a pair they fall in love and [censored] yada yada yada, more sheep!


Sheep will also follow you if you carry wheat in your hand, so I led a few back to the Ark House, where I had built a pen using sticks and planks from the mass of trees in the dark oak forest on the way to forest village we'll visit next episode, and with a light colored gate made from the plain oaks I had planted around the house (so I could easily spot the gate). I led the sheep into the pen, shut the gate, and fed them wheat, and my husbandry project had begun.


Wash, rinse, repeat, and soon the pen was crowded with sheep. When the pen got full I'd let some out, and soon there were sheep grazing in the fields and hillsides around the Ark House.


Eventually I took wheat in hand and led a few sheep down to the Spawn Base House where I had built another pen for them. I had widened the narrow path around the lake so I could lead the sheep that way rather than have to swim across. On the other side there were one or two sheep already, which I had been feeding occasionally to create more sheep there. I parked the sheep still following me, after the long journey down, in the pen outside the Spawn Base House and started multiplying them, using wheat from the garden outside the base. I had already made the decision to increase the ratio of wheat to carrots grown in all my gardens, since I kept running out of wheat, but didn't need all that many carrots.


I had built a third pen on a hillock overlooking the green fields between there and Spawn Beach, where the lone turtle lives. When my pen at the base house was overflowing I brought some sheep up there, put them into the pen, shut the gate, and wash, rinse, repeat ... I eventually let a bunch of them out and led them with wheat down to the beach, where I soon had a herd grazing in that area.


In the video, we take up the story at the turtle beach and I show all the components that went into the back story. It was nice to see that a few cows followed the sheep down to eat wheat from my hand, so I was able to make another cow to replace the one I had taken in the earlier video. Sustainable development, that is one of the lessons built into Minecraft.


We also visit some very lazy pandas that live in the cane forest behind a house that someone has built on a pond near the Spawn Base House. It's fun to cut cane from the forest, feed it to the pandas, and watch their reaction. One of the reactions is ... more pandas!


Another lesson that this story illustrates is its ramifications for language learning and teaching. Language learners love to make videos to document their adventures. Look on YouTube to see how many are made by young people and many other NSE and NNSE players. They like to show what they are doing in Minecraft and explain it to others, similarly to what I have done here in these show notes. Minecraft can provide fruitful seeds for language development, in first or second languages.


As I heard on one podcast back the early days of Minecraft, when educators in all disciplines were quick to appreciate its potential, some were being asked how they could justify using Minecraft in the curriculum. The response was, Minecraft may not be in the curriculum, but the curriculum is in Minecraft; you just have to recognize its potential and capitalize on that :-)



EVO Minecraft MOOC Tutorial 2021 Episode 9 - Sheep feeding & mating, and trading for emeralds in a taiga village





In this episode Teacher Vance and Bobbi Bear meet in Discord where Teacher Vance works off camera with Streamer Vance to stream map views and Minecraft views of a trip from the Ark House to a nearby taiga village and back and record the stream in Camtasia. Much of the benefit in doing this is my learning where feedback originates in Camtasia recordings and to suppress extraneous noises to produce a clean recording of the stream.


Another benefit of the trip was to trade extraneous wheat and carrots with villagers in return for emeralds which in theory can be used to trade up with other villagers. Yet another purpose was to illustrate how players can meet in Discord to talk to and coordinate with one another while carrying out shared projects in Minecraft.


In the process we demonstrate the use of the F2 key for making screenshots, the F3 key for getting a heads-up-display to help with orientation, and the F5 key for toggling between eyeball view, birds eye view, and selfie views of the player pressing the key.



EVO Minecraft MOOC Tutorial 2021 Episode 10 - Home to the castle, terracotta mining & tended village






We move from the Ark house where we've established a base in a low mountain biome and left fields full of sheep to trek to the plains castle home base of Teacher Vance and Bobbi Bear. We've planted groves of trees and rows of carrots and wheat here, which we use to feed our sheep and cows which we plan to turn loose soon into the surrounding fields.


We've set up community share chests outside where people can help themselves to our produce and common minerals. We ask that players respect the contents of our boxes inside, and the personal possessions of other players on the server as well.


In the morning we stroll over to the nearby terracotta mine where building material is being taken from inside the mountain. I show how to make lanterns that appear to float in air. Then we move along the river and cross over to the nearby village. We meet the local protective golems (be nice to them and they'll leave you alone) and catch the villagers rushing to be safely indoors at bedtime. Rather than disturb their slumber we bed down in the open for the night..


EVO Minecraft MOOC Tutorial 2021 Episode 10 sequel - Learning from Teacher Vance's unfortunate, but entertaining, comedy of errors




The EVO Minecraft MOOC Tutorial 2021 Episode 10 - Home to the castle, terracotta mining & tended village, actually ended in a comedy of errors which Teacher Vance edited out of the sanitized version of the tutorial. 


However, Bobbi Bear and I decided to resurrect the edited-out parts as  means of demonstrating how Minecraft is actually learned down in the trenches where the mobs hang out. 


In the way that sports coaches replay and analyze videos of recent games in an effort to spot and correct "rookie mistakes", in this video Vance and Bobbi study the concatenation of errors that ultimately resulted in the loss of much of the gear almost recovered in the video you see here.


Major take-aways from our analysis are:


1. It's a good idea to dislodge villages from their beds so that you can sleep with a reliable bed spawn left in place in case you need to return to a spot near where an upcoming disaster might happen. The villager will appear disgruntled, but he won't disrupt your sleep, and they recover quickly (more quickly than you will if you respawn in some random point somewhere; at least the villager will still be in his village).

2. Always carry a sword in your hand when out and about in the morning. In this video I'm holding a bed in my fighting hand at 6:45 in the morning.

3. Bobbi, arrows sticking out of her like a pincushion, took the time to eat and recharge her hearts after her skeleton attack. I didn't before I went into the water looking for skeleton bones and arrows.

4. When my death chest had to be recovered from the water, I had no way to monitor my air and heart levels while recovering items. It's a good idea to learn how much time you have before you'll need air and instigate a countdown before ducking under water.


There were a few other things as well. I hope this video helps others to avoid silly mistakes which can compound resulting in inconvenience and possibly in loss of treasure.


You might find it entertaining as well, in a schadenfreude sort of way. 



EVOMC21 Tutorial 11 - Safari begins with an explanation of the journey & visit to first/last outpost




Teacher Vance overviews the territory that he and Bobbi Bear have covered in our explorations so far of our corner of our EVO Minecraft MOOC server in preparation for welcoming newcomers in January-February 2021. Using the dynamic map that builds knowledge of our world as participants push its edges, we go first to the outpost where we will begin and will end our journey. Follow us in our future tutorials to discover what we have learned about our server and from that plot your own destinations expanding on ours.


Our server is bedecked in winter plumage at the moment. Snow covers the ground, obscuring the flowers, the result of a Christmassy resource pack provided by our server admin Zzidkha. Hopefully the snow will melt soon and when you visit here in 2021 our world will have the more inviting look and feel of alpine meadows in summer.



EVOMC21 Tutorial 12 - Safari from Trench shelter 1 to Mountain base 2 to Mine shelter 3


Here we have a look at the deep trench that gives Trench shelter #1 (and last base on the return leg) it's name. 


From there we venture uphill to the Mountain shelter #2, and check on the sheep and llamas we are cultivating up there, arriving at sunset.  


We sleep to make it light again and then move off to the west to another pair of shelters we have established at the edge of the escarpment. We stop along to the way to visit an area replete with caves and minerals, pass saddled llamas and wonder where their keeper is, and arrive at our destination as sundown. We shut the cave door and then have a look at the mountain's innards where Bobbi Bear and I have removed all the obvious treasure. There's more to explore there, but we are sleepy and fall on the beds, the better to usher in a new dawn.


This is the URL: https://youtu.be/UTFkHkJLL3Q




EVOMC21 Tutorial 13 - Safari from Mine Shelter 3 to Lava Camp 4 with escape from mischievous water maze trap 


EVO Minecraft MOOC

Tutorial  Episode13

Starting at Shelter 3 The Mine Shelter 3

and ending at Shelter 4 The Lava Pool


Featuring Teacher Vance and Bobbi Bear

on the #EVOMC21 Minecraft Server



Video https://youtu.be/nK83RTLOuzs


EVOMC21 Tutorial 13 - Trek from Mine shelter 3 to Lava camp 4 with escape from water maze trap




My reply:

This is another creation of Teacher Vance and Bobbi Bear. We call this the lava shelter, and you can visit it vicariously in our adventure tour series https://youtu.be/nK83RTLOuzs. Nearby, and at the end of the video, we tackle a simple yet elegant and mischievously dangerous maze which looks to me to be Ari's handiwork, Any comments on that, Seth Schwartz ?


In this video we put things in order at our Base 3 Mine shelter and set off down the mountain and swim to the island between the mainland where the spawn point is and the desert biome just north of there where we'll explore some more of our shelters before sweeping around through an acacia biome to the terracotta terrain that will bring us back to our base 1 Trench shelter.


The island is home to numerous sheep which we make more numerous by feeding them in pairs. We arrive at the shelter by the lava pool at around sundown. The shelter location was set by the lava pool because when Teacher Vance first dug an emergency shelter on the island, and covered it in sod, he selected the location near the lava so he could easily find it later on the dynamic map, in order to more easily return and establish a base camp there.


We immediately make it morning, tend to our crops, check our orchards, and then head southwest to the coast that will take us around to Ari bin Lazar's Mario Maze which is taking shape near the graveyard where Bobbi Bear and I visited there in its much earlier stages of construction.


We had decided to go there by boat in order to avoid the graveyard that had given us so much inconvenience before and we decided to put in from a structure that I had seen on the map that looked like it might be someone's house on the water, but which, on close inspection, appeared to have more in common with the ark structure not far from spawn which, at the time of our first visit there, had no steps leading up to it (we constructed our own scaffolding to get onto it which we removed after our visit). That ark has a chest inside which you can't get down to, but which you can open, and inside along with some banal objects, there is a helmet, the like of which I have experienced before, so I knew not to touch it. 


In any event, we found we had arrived at a similar structure. These turn out to be shipwrecks which spawn spontaneously on the server.


Swimming around to the back of this one we found we could get under it, knee deep in water, and lo and behold there was a chest underneath which we could see, but to reach it had so sink under water holding breath. Inside were silver nuggets and similar trinkets and a vial of potion. I was breath holding and couldn't monitor my hearts with the chest open so I closed it, surfaced, and found myself down to only 4 hearts. To make matters worse the sun was sinking rapidly and it was dark inside the structure. I planted a torch inside so we could see but there was no obvious way out apart from re-locating the chest, sinking down on it, and trying to find the one passage underwater that we had come in on.


Fortunately I was able to do that without further loss of hearts (stupidly I had not taken a moment to eat carrots and replenish them) and equally fortunately there were no monsters around (when your hearts are already low their initial blows can quickly dispatch you, and then your death-chest would be underwater, complicating retrieval of your treasures in the hour you would have to get them back, in the dark!).


But that's the fun of it, and also the language value, in encountering unexpected problems and collaboratively working through solutions with partners. In this case we made it onto the platform where we could set down a bed, and we successfully slept and awoke alive to end our video. We'll carry on from there in the next one.


Meanwhile Abu Fletcher has made a visit to Ari's giant pixel art, which makes it not so pressing for Bobbi and I to go there and see for ourselves. I think we'll proceed with our move up to the desert biome. Here's what Abu Fletcher saw:



Ari explains that "Its one map square if you make a map when there you will see the pic"





EVOMC21 Tutorial 14 - Boat ride from Lava Camp 4 to the Desert Biome Harbor and then desert trek to the Village with the tower


Video title: EVOMC21 Tutorial 14 - Boat from Lava Camp 4 to Desert Biome Harbor & then trek to the desert tower



Since Abu Fletcher had just visited there and send back pictures, we decided to forego our trip south the Ari Bin Lazar's build, the Luigi pixel art that can be seen from space, and focus instead on resuming our journey north to the desert biome which has so many interesting towns and monuments in it.  We overnighted in our Lava lagoon Base 4 shelter and before dawn, Bobbi Bear decided to go out and hunt monsters as they burned off in the morning light. She can often get things like arrows, and bones for making into bone meal to help trees grow, and rotten flesh from zombies that can be traded with villagers for more interesting items.


But she's been experiencing lags and timeouts in either Discord or Minecraft, and as soon as she was outside the front door she was disconnected from the server. That was hardly catastrophic but when she was able to get back on and rez in she was hit by a zombie lurking out there. So our first order of business that day was to wait around for her to gather things from her death chest. While waiting, I discovered that server problems the previous day had caused me to lose two just-planted trees, a community share chest I had left by the front door, and the contents a chest I had left inside and put into it materials I had been planning to use to build a shelter near Ari's build but would not be needing for the desert trek we were about to undertake.


With Bobbi at least restored to what she had before she walked out the door, we went to the ocean and dropped in a boat. I navigated using the dynamic map to the harbor at the desert town across the channel. 


On the other side we explored the village a little, and I exchanged a few dozen wheats with a villager for an emerald, which I pocketed. We then went to our house and bedded down for the night.


Next morning we wandered through the village and navigated an interesting sand and dirt structure to get over to the sand dune opposite and down the other side to the river which we crossed. From there we bee-lined over the sand toward the tower marking the distant village which we reached in late afternoon, Minecraft time.


In climbing the tower for a panoramic view of the surrounds, and finding bread in a chest, which I had learned I could exchange with other villagers for emeralds, I took one and started talking about how encountering all these unusual twists and turns in plot line could give language learners interesting things to write about, though I got so distracted in the emerging plot lines, I'm not sure I made my point exactly in what I said -- but this description is an example of such communication.


In any event, we made it to bed safely and in the next adventure we'll climb to the tall mountain to above the cloud line and down the other side where another of our shelters sits at the edge of another desert biome.


Here is the multi part of the multimedia communication






EVOMC21 Tutorial 15 - Trek from Desert Tower Village up the mountain & down to Desert Mountain Base


99 character video title

EVOMC21 Tutorial 15 - Trek from Desert Tower Village up the mountain & down to Desert Mountain Base


The EVO Minecraft MOOC server today was very laggy. You can see at the beginning that the server clock goes from 17:00 and back to 16:00 causing a delay in the onset of night, so Teacher Vance can sleep in place and start the adventure in the morning. When get into the game it's still light out so I step outside to check on my garden and when I have the outdoor Community Share Chest open I'm attacked by a husk, whom I strike with my sword, but nothing happens so I retreat a few steps. When I turn around, the husk is frozen in place but then the server registers my sword thrust. Still, the husk comes for me.  I'm down to three hearts, two, and then my blows take effect and the husk falls over and turns a terminal red before dissolving. I go inside and shut the door and start eating carrots to restore my health. I click on a bed and go to sleep.


In the morning I return to my garden to check my carrots and go down to a village garden where I've been harvesting wheat. But I want to get started up the mountain so, in spite of being jerked back now and then by server resets, I cross the desert to the mountain path and by midday I'm up top at my mountain abode. Here I harvest a few carrots from my garden there and check some on trees I planted earlier, admire the scenery, and try to go inside the house. I can open the door but can't step inside. Each time I try it the door opens but the lag on the server prevents my entry to the house, jerks me back outside, even re-opens my door after I've closed it. After a few tries I give up and head down the mountain through the secret passage and out the door I've installed at its exit to prevent mobs from getting up that way.


I reach the Desert Mountain Base hut mid afternoon and have a look around. The garden is not doing well here, no carrots, but two acacia trees I planted there are growing nicely (a third not at all).  I warn viewers about coming too close to the edge of the deep trench there; danger of dislodging loose sand and falling to the bottom. Best rule is to stay outside the torches I placed there to prevent my stumbling into it at night. However, I've dug a path down and show where the entrance is. I then show on the map where we will be going next trip on a visit to some desert temples. Finally I return to the shelter and close the door behind me. The server lags, the door has reopened. I close it and cross the room. All seems stable and I've had enough of that. See you next time :-)


Find this video here: https://youtu.be/3YPpEdmX0eY



EVOMC21 Tutorial 16 Tower Village to Mountain Base via peninsula desert village & trade for emeralds


Video title: Tower Village to Desert Mountain Base shelter via Desert Peninsula village 

Date of video: January 1, 2021


In this 16th EVO Minecraft MOOC tutorial adventure, Teacher Vance and Bobbi Bear go around the mountain this time and visit a peninsular desert village on the way to our trailhead base back up the mountain.


Originally I had decided to establish myself on the top of that mountain because 'it was there'. In real life I like to hike. I like mountains. I like to choose paths I have not explored to see where they lead. Minecraft is a game that emulates to an extent that feeling of exploration and discovery. There is a mountain in the middle of a desert, which turned out to have fog at the top, sometimes so thick you could hardly see where you were going. I had to climb it and set up a house at the top.


My original plan was to use it as a base to run down into the desert tower village at the bottom and back up to the top in a day, but when Bobbi and I lingered in the tower village at the bottom near sunset we found it convenient to build a house down there. And then we just ran from there to the top by default and found our way down the mountain to the other side and set up our base-of-the-mountain house near the deep crack in the desert there. From then on we just ran up and down and back and forth and improved the trail so we could travel it seamlessly.


It was only later that I got to looking at the map and wondering why I hadn't just gone around the mountain, just a desert jaunt and a river crossing away, and as I zoomed in and focused I noticed for the first time that there was a desert village on the peninsula there, between our tower village house and our mountain base shelter.


So in this video Bobbi Bear and Teacher Vance explore for the first time that short trek over the desert, across the river, and into the new village, where we found villagers, and a golem, though I'm not sure if it had spawned there naturally, or been put there by someone to help protect the village, https://www.republicworld.com/technology-news/gaming/how-to-make-an-iron-golem-in-minecraft.html


There was a temple pyramid there seemingly intact, but people sometimes loot them and replace the blocks, making them appear untouched at first glance.


We found villagers there who would trade emeralds for carrots and wheat so we picked up a few emeralds using what were for us expendable commodities.


Then at 16:00 Minecraft time we headed along the seaside and reached our desert Mountain Base shelter well before sunset. 


Inside the shelter we prepared to go out and 'meet the neighbors' as I put it. The desert there is alive with mobs. We should have set our bed spawns there immediately , but I missed that step, so by the time we had place our valuables in the chests there, it was already dark. Now if we clicked on a bed we would sleep there and it would be daylight (maybe we could sleep, leave bed, and it would still be dark?). The idea was to go out with just a sword in the dark and encounter mobs. There are so many mobs that defense is impossible; they keep coming until they've got you. In the end I decided that in lieu of a bed spawn I would leave Bobbi Bear in the shelter, go out and commit harakiri with the monsters, lose only my sword but get good video in the process, respawn, and tp back to Bobbi to recover my valuables.


It didn't go exactly to plan. I bravely went out into the night and passed a skeleton who started filling me with arrows. I went the other way expecting more mobs but blundering in the dark, came to the seaside. I crossed to a nearby island, but there were no mobs there. I decided to return to the mainland. When I stepped off the island I thought I had entered a nether portal because the world was eerily aglow all around me. But when I looked up, I realized I was in water. But what was that glow in the seabed below? I went down to examine it. I DIED! A message flitted onto the screen so rapidly that I could only read it when I replayed and paused the video. The message said that I had "discovered" that the seabed was lava. Indeed :-) Anyway, it was fun.


EVO Minecraft MOOC


Electronic Village Online 2021


The video is here






EVOMC21 Tutorial 17 Desert Mountain Base shelter to Desert Excavation shelter and mob games at night




In this video Teacher Vance and Bobbi bear restock the community share chest at their Desert base shelter at the foot of the mountain in the middle of the desert and set off for the wadi that leads almost due west, into the setting sun, to the temple towers we found poking up over the desert months ago, but which others have come along and excavated to where we can now see the pyramid exposed in the sand. We go inside and have a look being careful not to step on the colored square that makes it all collapse and drops the hapless onto the TNT at the bottom of the boobie trap and ruins the temple for everyone else.  We'll excavate it one day and see if it still contains mob loot.


Our Desert Excavation shelter is nearby so we go there and check our garden and our lone acacia tree which we planted there to avoid having to go back up the mountain for more wood. Our desert mob games didn't go as planned the night before so this time we prepared more carefully, took only weapons (Bobbi a sword and Teacher Vance an axe) and as our front door faces east we just headed out into the darkness, quickly leaving our torches behind. We quickly met husks and zombies and a skeleton, all but the last of whom we managed to destroy, but we had set our respawn points to the excavation shelter, so we ended up there, and our sleeping made it daylight. 


We retraced our steps from the night before, found our death chests, and recovered our property, which included some raw meat and a bone from the 'skele' I got after it shot Bobbi. The bone will make good bone meal to add to plants to help them grow better, maybe even in the desert.


The video was made January 1, 2021 and you can find other videos like this one at http://missions4evomc.pbworks.com/w/page/142108218/Video_Tutorials



EVOMC21 Tutorial 18 from our Desert Excavation shelter follow paths to a plains village on the ocean


Date of video: January 3, 2021


See the video




Teacher Vance and Bobbi Bear explain the route we will follow in a figure-8 to return home eventually to our Happy Castle. Today we execute the first leg of the figure-8, pausing at our garden to admire an acacia tree I planted just yesterday after placing a water source nearby and fertilizing the seedling with bone meal from a slain skeleton. This method of horticulture worked well for a desert biome.


We headed north to a lava pit then veered slightly east by northeast to head for a rise in the land with acacia trees at the edge of the desert. Up a green rise the path ended in a T junction. To the right is another shelter we had set up at the edge of a crack in the earth just short of a desert village beyond. We went far enough to see it, then did a U turn and went the other way toward a spire someone has erected near where we had placed another T junction. Following that trail generally southwest we went along the river and descended to a dry crossing, then proceeded along a path on convoluted terrain until we reached the green pasture land where we could see the village.


Just outside the village I fell into a pit and found a cow and one of the caparisoned pack llamas usually being led around by the colorful llama leader who appears sometimes even at your door when you open it first thing in the morning. I had to extricate myself so I took a shovel and made some steps, and maybe the animals would follow in due course. Meanwhile, Teacher Vance and Bobbi Bear had a look around the village. Here if you had 35 hunks of rotten flesh you could get an emerald for them, and with an emerald, you could get two dollops of redstone dust.


As night descended we opened doors and found beds. My bed had a villager on it but I didn't need to wake him because Bobbi had found an empty one and when she went to sleep I only had to wait a few seconds for dawn to appear.


And that took 20 minutes in YouTube time. It also prompted a fair bit of prose in addition to the multimedia component. Maybe your students would like to record and annotate their adventures as well. Ask them :-)



EVOMC21 Tutorial 19 Long trek from plains village shelter to desert temple base, battle mobs enroute


Video URL: https://youtu.be/xAyEi7h0Lkw



In this video, Teacher Vance and Bobbi Bear are in a mapmaker's house in a village on a plains peninsula near the ocean. Vance briefs the route we are going to follow as darkness descends, but there is no bed in this shelter, so he and Bobbi Bear go outside in the dark to find another in the next house down. The current server rule is when one player sleeps, it becomes dawn for all. When that happens, Teacher Vance and Bobbi Bear leave the plains village on a clear path, following our progress on the dynamic server map at http://mc.evomc.net:8123/. When we see from the map that we are close to the ocean, and we can see the blue sea from the trail, we pop down there and make our way along the beach.


Our first stop is a cave we visited a little earlier. The cave is deep and dark. When we enter such a cave, we drop torches as we advance inside. On our first visit we noticed there were coal and iron near the entrance but we were met by an aggressive skeleton who quickly shot me down to just a pair of hearts. I didn't wish to have to retrieve a death chest from a dark and dangerous cave, so I exited to restore my health on carrots, and Bobbi bear and I carried on to the village to set the stage for this video.


Now, on our return visit, our aim is to grab the minerals and explore further. I lay another line of torches while Bobbi mines coal and I'm almost immediately set upon by a pair of zombies. Eventually I subdue them and am able to grab the iron, but our goal on this trip is not to explore this cave but to visit the nearby desert village. There we find villagers, a curious but largely incommunicado lot, though Bobbi finds one who is willing to trade.


On our way out, almost on an afterthought, I remember the uncompleted, or 'ruined' nether portal I'd seen here earlier, https://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Ruined_Portal. We go there to have a closer look. I look in the chest we find there. There are some useful items there. I take a pair of gold leggings to help ward off piglins, who will attack players not wearing at least on piece of gold armor, https://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Piglin. They are found mainly in the Nether but sometimes they emerge onto the overworld. Bobbi takes a gold helmet and a golden apple. Golden apples have various uses, 


I was planning to go down the the southern peninsula and explore there but it's getting dark so I beeline toward our temple base. It's dark when I descend into river but when I ascend the opposite bank I'm able to see the shelter lit up in the distance. I head for it in the moonlight and knock over a husk along the way. Bobbi became separated from me when she paused to teleport to my location. Her connection is poor and teleport isn't working, so she retreats to the village we just left instead. There she finds a house with a bed and manages to restore daylight just as I regain the shelter.


I decide to resume my exploration of the peninsula. Meanwhile Bobbi is able to tp to me but unable to stay connected. I pass her avatar frozen in space time, unresponsive outside our house, as I head down south to where the temple is. I find what I am looking for at the tip of the peninsula. I enter and go downstairs to where the temple can be entered by explorers. Again this is not my goal for today. As I turn to leave I am hit with arrows, so I race up into the sunshine and turn to see if I'm being followed. I'm not, too bright out here, so I eat carrots and head up the coast to look for the sunken ship I'd seen on the dynamic map.


I easily find the ship and also an entrance to it, but I don't probe to find its chest. I imagine that will be underwater, and it's late afternoon, better head back home. I cross the desert that direction and see the well-lit shelter in the moonlight. On my way in the door, a spider attacks. It is easily dispatched, but at the cost of a heart or two. As I am about to enter the shelter, I'm hit with an arrow and I turn to face a skeleton. I'm right outside my house, my death chest will be easily recovered, so I charge him as well. I get in some good blows in, but he has the last shot and I respawn -- back at the plains village!


Uh oh, I have only an hour to recover my death chest. Bobbi is unable to function online due to connectivity issues but I see her icon in the dynamic map and tp to it. Now I'm back in the shelter. We make it light again, but when I open the door, an arrow appears at my feet, the skele is still there. I have no items in hand, all my stuff is in the death chest right outside the window. We check the chest in the shelter, no sword there. Bobbi is back in the game though. She has an extra sword and presses Q to throw me the one she is holding. I take it and go outside.


By now the skeleton is gone and my death chest is easily recovered. Bobbi runs about trying to find if he might be burning off somewhere as I retrieve my valuables, including my gold leggings. We've been online for half an hour now. Time to end the video. We go back inside and sign off. See you next time :-)


EVOMC21 Tutorial 20 - Desert and savanna villages on Trek from Tombs Base to Savanna Beach Boathouse 





January 13, 2021


In which Teacher Vance and Bobbi Bear depart our Tombs Base Shelter for a trek through desert and savanna biomes. On the way we visit another desert village, overnight at our savanna shelter at the edge of a deep trench, and cut through the desert again to visit a savanna village on our way to our nearby boat landing.



EVOMC21 Tutorial 21 - Teacher Vance, Bobbi Bear, and Walton Burns island hop from Savanna Beach Boathouse to Greenland, row on to badlands, and trek to Lonely Mesa


January 14, 2021 - Video title 100 words

EVOMC21 Tutorial 21 Island hop from Savanna Beach Boathouse to Greenland and trek to Lonely Mesa





In which

Teacher Vance, Bobbi Bear, and special guest Walton Burns journey through icebergs from Savanna Beach to Greenland and continue by boat to an eroded badlands biome, ending in a shelter on a lonely mesa as part of a Meaningful Play experience in EVO Minecraft MOOC 2021 


Video Description

This video was made as part 21 of Teacher Vance and Bobbi Bear's EVO Minecraft MOOC 2021 adventure tutorial saga (see http://missions4evomc.pbworks.com/w/page/142108218/Video_Tutorials for the first 20 in this series, plus any to follow this one), but as it occurred during the first week of EVOMC21 we had a visitor, Walton Burns, whom we had offered to acquaint with what exists on our server in the first of our Meaningful Play experiences.


We met Walton at the spawn point  and then progressed through TP-to-one-another via the desert tombs and then to our desert edge savanna shelter, where we walked through a narrow part of the desert to the savanna village and then down to the beach where our boathouse is. We spent the night in the shelter there and the video picks up as we leave the boathouse at dawn and head east through the iceberg sea to the the big island we call Greenland, where Bobbi Bear and Teacher Vance have yet another shelter.


We spent the night there, Bobbi went out in the morning to look for mobs, easy pickings when they are immobilized by the rising sun, but finding none, we got back in our boats and made the short crossing over the icy sea to the badlands with its vast terrain of terracotta mesas and gullies, which I view as an infinite supply of colorful building materials.


Bobbi Bear and Teacher Vance have another shelter just off the red sand beach there which we had a look at and then moved on into the badlands. The trail over the mesas is marked by torches which I had place there to help me find the way, but in one snipped of video I can see a torch left of screen uphill that I missed seeing at the time and headed down instead. We eventually got back on track but the delay brought on sunset with us still on the mesa, so I threw a bed down and fortunately there no monsters nearby so I was able to sleep and make it light again in safety.


When dawn came I got my bearings back and found the tongue of terracotta that heads down to the sea where there is a spot of grass between islands where I tried to plant some carrots. Technically speaking I succeeded in planting them and supplying them with water, but they have never grown in that location.


From there we found where an island meets the peninsula across a narrow channel, and I swam toward the gap, except that I swam through an interesting arch in the smaller island. Here we scrambled up on land where we could see our destination, among some trees at the top of the nearest lofty mesa. We scrambled up the blocks to the top, cutting steps where needed and found ourselves at a small acacia grove where I had planted some carrots, not thriving, though some small carrots were showing.


Bobbi and I had already established yet another small shelter here (always terracotta, 7x7 blocks, with emulated temple markings in the ceilings). We looked around, then realized we were over the standard 20 minutes for these videos, so we signed off on this one and took ourselves elsewhere.


EVOMC21 Tutorial 22 - Teacher Vance and Bobbi Bear leave their Lonely Mesa shelter in the terracotta badlands and head back home via the first/last outpost in the plains


EVO Minecraft MOOC

January 17, 2021


Video Title:

EVOMC21 trek from Lonely Mesa badlands shelter to the well-tended village in the plains





In this last episode chronicling their explorations on the EVO Minecraft MOOC 2021 server before the start of EVOMC21, Teacher Vance and Bobbi Bear complete their figure 8 of travels to and from their Base 1 Trench Shelter in the plains adjacent to that prominent gash in the land. Teacher Vance relates the last chapter in the sage in this 30 minute video, and in these few words here.


This one last EVO Minecraft MOOC safari adventure tutorial starts where we left Walton Burns at the Lonely Mesa-top shelter in the terracotta badlands, where even the carrots hardly ever grow, descend the steep but naturally occurring terracotta steps down to red sand, cross to the next island, traverse its mildly challenging terracotta and red sand blocks to reach the spit of land at its far end, cross to the next island, and trek up another set of terracotta blocks to our mesa-top Sunset Lanai shelter on the second island over. After a brief rest overnight, we pass through the sparse vegetation at the top, descend back down to red sand, and island-hop over to white sand, then come out on green grass and trees to emerge on the plains where we easily regain our Base-1Trench shelter in early afternoon.


There's still time in the day, so we continue on a clear trail down to the well-tended and prosperous plains village just a hop skip and a space-bar induced jump away from our castle not far from there in the plains. This is in turn not far from the Spawn Point where our figure 8 adventure began over 20 episodes ago.


Teacher Vance and Bobbi Bear hope you have enjoyed accompanying us on these safari tutorial adventures.




These are the latest adventure tutorial Meaningful Play experiences from EVO Minecraft MOOC

a session in Electronic Village Online 2021


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