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Missions for EVO Minecraft MOOC 2021 Video Tutorials




EVO Minecraft MOOC Tutorials by Vance Stevens


EVO Minecraft MOOC Tutorial 2021 Episode 1 - How to launch Minecraft 1.16.2 and start at spawn point





Vance Stevens, a.k.a. Teacher Vance, Introduces EVO Minecraft MOOC on the EVOMC21 1.16.2 server administered by Aaron Schwartz. This video shows you how to consult http://missions4evomc.pbworks.com/ to find out how to install and run the appropriate version of Minecraft (it could change to a later edition in the future) and how to configure your Minecraft launch software to play on our server (assuming you have filled out the form for whitelisting). The tutorial shows you how to reach the dynamic map of our server from in-game (also available through your browser at http://mc.evomc.net:8123/) and how to use it to orient yourself around the spawn point, and wherever you are on the server.


When you join our world for the first time you arrive without anything in you "pockets" (inventory) or "hands" (hot-bar). Depending on time of day you arrive in-game on our serve (as indicated on the dynamic map) you could have all "day" to accumulate a few basic items or you could be in a race to find shelter before nightfall (or you could arrive at night, in which case you should stay where you are or stay swimming all night, or just succumb to the inevitable and return later. You won't actually lose anything, it's painless, and I demonstrate at the beginning of the video that suicide can be a strategy in this game).


This video shows you how to orient on the spawn area, if you have the leisure for it, and how to find available shelter and food there (if you help yourself to carrots, be sure to replant, if you take them from the garden, and support a sustainable supply for all). We then go out and meet our local enderman, whom you should never, ever look at directly (if you do, you'll find out why not). We end with setting a bed spawn (if you can find a bed). I neglected to mention in the video that you right click on the bed to sleep there. You can only sleep at night, and this will make it morning, when you can go out and follow your survival agenda in relative safety. Come join us and we'll show you more.


We'll find out how to make your own bed in a later tutorial.



EVO Minecraft MOOC Tutorial 2021 Episode 2 - Chopping trees, crafting tools, & mining adventure tour





You wake up in your shelter, now what? Time to chop some trees. While it's safely light out, create a crafting table and make some basic wooden tools. Throw in a mining adventure and find some cobblestone. All you need now is a source of coal or charcoal so you can have your own source of light.


EVO Minecraft MOOC Tutorial 2021 Ep. 3 - Extreme survival: Respawn zero to survival hero overnight





Suppose you respawn in an unknown place. This video shows you one possible scenario for surviving a first night with nothing and then thriving in Minecraft.


The thumbnail shows what was going on just before I respawned, but here you'll see how, in two Minecraft days, I was able to

 - Bring up a dynamic map so you can track place and time, from in-game or via http://mc.evomc.net:8123/ 

 - Find trees with a nearby physical feature where you can make a quick shelter

 - Make an L-shaped emergency shelter BEFORE DARK

 - Cut a block of wood and convert it to 4 planks

 - Make a crafting table (using the 4 planks)

 - Cut another block and make more planks and sticks (using 2 more planks for each 4 sticks)

 - Make an axe (using 2 planks + 2 sticks)

 - Use the axe to cut MORE blocks (more efficient than using your fist)

 - Make a sword (using 2 planks + 1 stick)

 - Make a pick axe  (using 3 planks + 2 sticks)

 - Find cobblestone, and use the pickaxe to chop 12-15 blocks, or more

 - Make a furnace (using 8 blocks of cobblestone)

 - Make charcoal in the furnace (using tree logs and planks for fuel)

 - Make torches (you get 4 torches from each lump of charcoal + 1 stick)

 - Make a door so you can enter and leave your shelter


Each log makes one charcoal

 - Put the logs in the top tier of the furnace

 - Put planks in the bottom

 - Pull the resulting torches into your inventory, place some on the walls, and let there be light!


As they break, replace your wooden tools with stone ones 

At the end of the video we locate coal and mine it


Next we'll go in search of COAL (to replace charcoal)

and find  IRON to make shears so you can shear sheep.

Once you obtain wool you can make a bed so you can sleep properly and set the time to morning when you do


EVO Minecraft MOOC Tutorial 2021 Episode 4 - Finding food, finding others, and mining in dark places


We'll see later how, from their wool and a few planks, we can make a bed so you can sleep properly and set the time to morning when you do





In this video we go mining for more COAL (to replace charcoal)

and  IRON to make shears so you can shear sheep (or you could just kill a couple of sheep, but that's not sustainable).


Here, Teacher Vance shows you how to find both emergency-survival (an unfortunate cow) and sustainable food sources (garden carrots), connect with others in Minecraft, descend into a mine, find coal and iron, and battle monsters in the process


EVO Minecraft MOOC Tutorial 2021 Episode 5 - Monster madness, respawning, recovering the death chest





This is EVO Minecraft MOOC Tutorial 5 for 2021, in which we venture into a nearby mine, store dispensable items in a chest in a handy shelter, go in search of monsters, deal with some, succumb to others, respawn, and recover our death chest with possessions intact


EVO Minecraft MOOC Tutorial 2021 Episode 6 - Exploring creative builds on the EVOMC21 server, edited





On our adventure today, we visit some of the more creative builds near the spawn point on our EVO Minecraft 2021 server. Dakotah Redstone and Ari Ben Lazar are both creative builders whose work is well worth visiting if you're in the neighborhood.


We stroll from our base house over to the spawn point and go by boat to Dakotah Redstone's waterfront house on the opposite shore of the bay. From there we follow the blocks of blue-stained glass up the path to Dak's impressively huge pyramid. We have a look inside but I miss seeing a zombie who manages to get behind me and causes me to respawn precipitously. 


But Bobbi Bear dispatches him and I am able to teleport back to her and recover my death chest, which will retain everything I was carrying as long as I can get back to it within one real-world hour from whatever unfortunate accident has occurred. From there we negotiate the stairs down to the foundry exit where I sleep on the bed there and render it morning. 


We walk north and west around a grassy point of land and go by boat to Aaron's jungle bridge. From there we round the point where his lighthouse is and then row due west to come out on Ari Ben Lazar's build with the big balloon at the edge of a terracotta biome. By then it's dark so we throw a bed down and make it morning again. We have a look around but from there it's only a short stroll over the rust-red sand, a swim over to the lagoon beach, and a quick walk up a jungle path to our base house near the spawn point.


I edited my original video to remove where I suggested that Ari was building in creative mode. I have since found out that he does all his work in survival mode, with materials he obtains from the environment. That makes his work even more impressive!


Here is what made me think that Ari was building in creative mode. I thought he was flying around his big balloon when I came upon him creating it some time ago, but now I realize he had built steps leading up to it, which he has since replaced with a kind of rope ladder that can't be climbed by mere mortals.


Here's what I saw from afar as I neared his build on one of my first tours around the new server, September 18, 2020


Ari, just visible on the platform midway up the steps, appeared to me to be flying there.


After making this video and being informed that Ari did all his builds in survival mode (no flying) and using resources accumulated in Minecraft as any other player would do it, albeit with much greater knowledge of where those resources could be found, and expert skill in retrieving them, I revisited the balloon and found that the steps were gone, replaced by a kind of rope ladder that came down almost to the water line.



I swam over to see if I could get up the ladder. I couldn't see how to get onto it.



It was swaying over the water, and I couldn't capture it with clicking, or even in an image, so I ducked under water to get a better view.



I hope Ari will invite us over to have a closer look around all the interesting things he is creating there.




EVO Minecraft MOOC Tutorial 2021 Episode 7 - Leaving Spawn, Visiting the Ark, and Shear Pleasure





In this one we bid farewell to our base near the spawn point and cross a lake to a different biome, with grassy plateaus, snowy mountains, and sheep for the shearing. We visit an ark that someone has erected nearby with a chest in it with things you wouldn't want to put in your mouth or put on your head. After a romp in the snow we return to base and prepare for evening.



EVO Minecraft MOOC Tutorial 2021 Episode 8 - From shear pleasure to husbandry of sheep and pandas





After episode 7 where we learned how to find and shear sheep properly, Teacher Vance decided on a plan to populate the spawn area with sheep. Such a nice empty field with just a couple of pigs and cows (minus the one I took out of hunger in the extreme survival episode) - if my plan worked, then new arrivals on our server would at least have a source of wool in the spawn area.


The nearest and most consistent concentration of sheep was in the snowy mountains above the ark. In all the bases that Bobbi Bear and I have established we have focused on sustainable farming (mainly of carrots) so there would be no need to disturb the animals grazing on our server when miners needed food to restore their hearts. We had also planted some wheat around the carrots, so I went to the Spawn and Ark houses and got all the wheat I could gather (and replanted immediately after harvest, so it keeps replenishing). I took the wheat up to the mountain and fed some to pairs of sheep there (when you feed a pair they fall in love and [censored] yada yada yada, more sheep!


Sheep will also follow you if you carry wheat in your hand, so I led a few back to the Ark House, where I had built a pen using sticks and planks from the mass of trees in the dark oak forest on the way to forest village we'll visit next episode, and with a light colored gate made from the plain oaks I had planted around the house (so I could easily spot the gate). I led the sheep into the pen, shut the gate, and fed them wheat, and my husbandry project had begun.


Wash, rinse, repeat, and soon the pen was crowded with sheep. When the pen got full I'd let some out, and soon there were sheep grazing in the fields and hillsides around the Ark House.


Eventually I took wheat in hand and led a few sheep down to the Spawn Base House where I had built another pen for them. I had widened the narrow path around the lake so I could lead the sheep that way rather than have to swim across. On the other side there were one or two sheep already, which I had been feeding occasionally to create more sheep there. I parked the sheep still following me, after the long journey down, in the pen outside the Spawn Base House and started multiplying them, using wheat from the garden outside the base. I had already made the decision to increase the ratio of wheat to carrots grown in all my gardens, since I kept running out of wheat, but didn't need all that many carrots.


I had built a third pen on a hillock overlooking the green fields between there and Spawn Beach, where the lone turtle lives. When my pen at the base house was overflowing I brought some sheep up there, put them into the pen, shut the gate, and wash, rinse, repeat ... I eventually let a bunch of them out and led them with wheat down to the beach, where I soon had a herd grazing in that area.


In the video, we take up the story at the turtle beach and I show all the components that went into the back story. It was nice to see that a few cows followed the sheep down to eat wheat from my hand, so I was able to make another cow to replace the one I had taken in the earlier video. Sustainable development, that is one of the lessons built into Minecraft.


We also visit some very lazy pandas that live in the cane forest behind a house that someone has built on a pond near the Spawn Base House. It's fun to cut cane from the forest, feed it to the pandas, and watch their reaction. One of the reactions is ... more pandas!


Another lesson that this story illustrates is its ramifications for language learning and teaching. Language learners love to make videos to document their adventures. Look on YouTube to see how many are made by young people and many other NSE and NNSE players. They like to show what they are doing in Minecraft and explain it to others, similarly to what I have done here in these show notes. Minecraft can provide fruitful seeds for language development, in first or second languages.


As I heard on one podcast back the early days of Minecraft, when educators in all disciplines were quick to appreciate its potential, some were being asked how they could justify using Minecraft in the curriculum. The response was, Minecraft may not be in the curriculum, but the curriculum is in Minecraft; you just have to recognize its potential and capitalize on that :-)



EVO Minecraft MOOC Tutorial 2021 Episode 9 - Sheep feeding & mating, and trading for emeralds in a taiga village





In this episode Teacher Vance and Bobbi Bear meet in Discord where Teacher Vance works off camera with Streamer Vance to stream map views and Minecraft views of a trip from the Ark House to a nearby taiga village and back and record the stream in Camtasia. Much of the benefit in doing this is to learn where feedback orginates in Camtasia recordings and suppress extraneous noises to produce a clean recording of the stream.


Another benefit of the trip was to trade extraneous wheat and carrots with villagers in return for emeralds which in theory can be used to trade up with other villagers. Yet another purpose was to illustrate how players can meet in Discord to talk to and coordinate with one another while carrying out shared projects in Minecraft.


In the process we demonstrate the use of the F2 key for making screenshots, the F3 key for getting a heads-up-display to help with orientation, and the F5 key for toggling between eyeball view, birds eye view, and selfie views of the player pressing the key.



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